I/O channel configuration, protocol stack and workflow for data exchange with ETS5, fully integrated in the IEC 61131-3 development system

Integrated KNX support in CODESYS

As a fieldbus for building automation, KNX is the successor of the EIB, BatiBus and EHS fieldbuses. Technologically, KNX is a compatible enhancement of the EIB, extended to include important configuration mechanisms and transmission media.


  • Integrated configurator for I/O channels in the CODESYS Development System
  • Integrated I/O driver
  • KNXnet/IP protocol stack in form of a runtime system component for CODESYS Control
  • Data exchange function with the ETS configuration system


  • Unique solution for connecting a freely programmable controller / PLC to the KNX building protocol
  • Easy data exchange with the ETS configuration system: CODESYS users work in CODESYS, ETS users work in ETS.
  • Intelligent update and merge mechanism between CODESYS and ETS
  • Flexible engineering of building input and output data including functionalities like the visualization in a web browser displayed on tablets or smartphones
  • Gateway function between KNX and other protocols like BACnet, Modbus or OPC UA
  • New possibilities in building automation by combining room and HVAC automation

KNX Integration in CODESYS

How can you obtain and implement the KNX solution integrated in CODESYS?

  • You are a system integrator or a user in the machine/plant construction sector or the like:
    Use controllers equipped with CODESYS KNX support. Ask your controller supplier for a CODESYS-compatible controller with CODESYS KNX.
  • You are a manufacturer of programmable devices:
    Implement the KNX runtime system component on your hardware. All you need for this implementation is the CODESYS Runtime Toolkit with CODESYS KNX.
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