IIoT = Automation powered by CODESYS

CODESYS natively contains all essential technologies and properties for applications in industry 4.0 / IIoT environments. This makes CODESYS the ideal tool for the implementation of automation solutions using IT and internet technologies. CODESYS turns a compatible controller into a powerful industrial internet device.

CODESYS makes it easy to use the latest technologies - for the immediate benefit of application programmers, machine and plant engineers, system integrators and operators. The industry 4.0 platform CODESYS Automation Server simplifies typical tasks for users by means of web technologies, which were very difficult to accomplish until now.


Web-/Cloud-based administration of your control landscape

  • Overview of topology, status, network addresses etc.
  • Controller-specific functions
  • Numerous tool, process or plant-specific functions
  • CODESYS Automation Server

Network programmability of PLCs, and edge, fog, or cloud controllers

  • Teleaccess to the automation device without additional software via Ethernet/Internet or a fieldbus

Easy reuse of existing source code

  • Reuse of existing / generated C code directly in the logic application
  • Proven library concept with online reloadability

Project engineering with the help of established methods of IT software engineering

  • Modularization of complex software into manageable units (objects, libraries)
  • Object-oriented programming of IEC 61131-3 code according to the 3rd edition of the standard (with interfaces, methods, inheritance, dynamic linking, etc.)
  • Methodically supported development using integratable add-on tools, such as UML, profiler, static code analysis, source code management, and test automation
  • Implementation of continuous development processes ("Continuous Integration Server") with tool support
    (e.g. Jenkins)

Integratable add-on tools »

Integrated security functions for device manufacturers, systems integrators, application programmers, and operators of machinery and plants

  • Protection of expertise and data from unauthorized access or modification at different levels without additional software
  • Implementation of standards such as TLS, X.509, and CodeMeter®

CODESYS Security Information »

Integrated three-dimensional modeling of the task based on application code

  • Virtual lab for application programmers, trainers, planners, etc.

CODESYS Depictor »

Integrated communication standards for cloud/IIoT systems

  • Integrated OPC UA Server on the controller
    OPC UA Server »
  • Popular protocols for data storage in the cloud: available as a library or implemented on the application level, such as MQTT
  • Easy implementation of gateway functions with on board features
  • Popular protocols for data storage in the cloud are available in form of libraries, for example https (via WebClient/REST, optimized for MS Azure) and MQTT

Interoperability between automation devices based on different standards

  • Data exchange on the application level or via bus protocols
  • Distributed intelligence conveniently engineering-ready

Automated generation of application code based on specific description modules

  • Reduction of complexity for end users
  • Tremendous time-savings in the project engineering of machinery / plants with frequently recurring units

CODESYS Application Composer »

Use / diagnosis / monitoring via Internet technologies

  • Integrated creation of graphical user interfaces and use via web browser – by responsive design in the correct format of the display device
  • Large pool of widgets/elements, expandable with HMTL5 widgets

CODESYS Visualization »

Extensibility of the development system by means of software modules available online

  • Dynamic reloading of libraries, web help, and functional add-on modules
  • First App-Shop-Plattform for automation technology
  • Web-based help system available online


Widely used in different industrial application field

  • Uniform platform for automation of factories, plants, mobile machines, buildings, and power generation and distribution plants
  • Cross-functional use of a tool for all aspects of an industrial site or company

Extensibility of operating interfaces by elements generally available on the Internet

  • For example, integration of Google Maps in operating interfaces and use via PLC variables
  • Integration of HMTL5 widgets/controls

Easy linking to existing engineering systems

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