Mission Statement of the CODESYS Group

1. CODESYS stands for technology and market leadership.

We have been developing software for industrial automation technology since 1994. During this time, we have gained valuable experience in the industry, which benefits our products. As a pioneer in the automation industry, we develop new technologies and concepts for our products to make them available to our customers for practical use.
Our product development teams apply the latest development methods and work along defined structures and processes. This ensures the high quality of our products.

2. The satisfaction of our customers is of outstanding importance to us.

We develop our products in close exchange with our customers. As a long-term and reliable partner, we treat our customers with openness and transparency. We regularly inform our customers about all matters relevant to them. Communication with our customers is solution- and service-oriented. We strive to establish a personal relationship of trust with our customers.

3. We value each individual employee.

We are aware that each and every employee contributes to the success of the CODESYS Group through his or her performance and professional competence.
We express our appreciation by creating a trusting and relaxed working atmosphere in which our employees feel comfortable, communicate openly and gladly with each other and work creatively.
It is essential for us that our employees embrace their tasks, think constructively and develop an overall view across departments.
Our personal interactions are characterized by fairness, respect, and loyalty.

4. We take our social responsibility seriously.

As a company, we are part of an overall context of environmental and social concerns.
Beyond the legal requirements, we are particularly committed to environmental protection, education, science, research, and a reasonable work/family balance.