In the following, licensing conditions for the different products and product categories of the CODESYS product family are specified.

CODESYS Development System

The CODESYS Development System may be used free of charge – there is no license fee for end users. Prior to installation, the end-user license agreement is to be accepted.

Add-on products for the CODESYS Development System, for CODESYS compatible devices and SoftPLC systems

The CODESYS Store offers numerous add-on products for CODESYS. They extend the functionality of the CODESYS Development System and the CODESYS Control SoftPLC systems. For each product, there is a defined license mode per workstation or per target device:

  • Workstation license (soft- and hardware-based):
    Licensing is performed either through the CODESYS Soft Container (a software license container bound to the workstation PC) or through the CODESYS Key (a USB dongle providing additional functions for security purposes). The latter can store up to 4,000 licenses and allows for using workstation licenses on different workplaces.
  • Single device license (for products bearing the suffix „SL“ for Single License)
    The license is stored directly on the target device. For this license mode, the runtime system CODESYS Control V3.5 SP4 or higher or a SoftPLC from the CODESYS Store has to be installed on the device. Each user of the device can work with the same license, but the license cannot be transferred to another device. Alternatively, the license can be stored on a CODESYS Key (USB dongle) which is connected to the device. By connecting the CODESYS Key to another device the license can be transferred to other devices.

Licenses can be stored on the CODESYS Key or on the device directly during the purchasing process in the CODESYS Store, afterwards in the CODESYS Development System or on a special web interface (License Central under

Licensing as of CODESYS V3.5 SP13
This Video presents the new licensing options starting from CODESYS V3.5 SP13 using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as an example.

CODESYS Control runtime systems – implementation by device manufacturers

Device manufacturers who intend to install the CODESYS runtime system on their devices obtain a license file on purchasing the CODESYS Control Runtime Toolkit. Each device programmable with CODESYS is subject to license fees known as runtime royalties. For documentation purposes, each manufacturer is awarded a license certificate for the toolkit and the add-on products purchased.

Add-on products to the CODESYS Control runtime system

Add-on products such as the CODESYS PLCHandler, the CODESYS OPC UA Server, the CODESYS Redundancy Toolkit or the products supporting fieldbus systems can be purchased as add-ons for the CODESYS Runtime Toolkit. Fees for add-ons to CODESYS Visualization and the integrated MotionControl/CNC Toolkit are added to the license fees for the runtime system used. All add-on products are licensed through an extension of the license file which is also documented by a certificate.

CODESYS Control SoftPLC systems – Utilization on standard devices

SoftPLC systems are designed for standard device platforms like industrial PCs or other open device platforms and can be installed by the users themselves. The license is stored directly on each device by means of WIBU CodeMeter® Technology. 
Users can choose between two licensing procedures:

  • CODESYS Soft Container (software-based licensing)
    Pro:No additional license dongle is required as the license is inseparably linked with the device.
    Con: If the device is defective, the license becomes invalid.
  • CODESYS Key (hardware based per USB dongle or flashcard)
    Pro: The license can easily be transferred to another device, e. g. in case of failure or exchange of devices.
    Con: A loss of the CODESYS Key automatically involves the loss of the license.

The single license can be transferred directly from the CODESYS Development System or via web interface
(license central under

CODESYS Automation Server – The Industry 4.0 platform

The administration of CODESYS-based controller systems (as of CODESYS V3) can be conveniently done in the cloud-based platform CODESYS Automation Server. For this purpose, special accounts ("tenants") are booked and managed in the CODESYS Store. The licensing depends on time and usage, among other things on the number of controllers administered and data volume consumed.