We software Automation.

Company headquarters
Kempten, Germany (head office)
Beijing, China (independent sales and support subsidiary)
Milan, Italy (independent sales, development and support subsidiary)
Beverly, USA (independent sales and support subsidiary))

Year of establishment

Founders / owners / CEOs
Dieter Hess, Manfred Werner

Hilmar Panzer

200, predominantly software engineers

CODESYS - the manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software

Quality management
Certified to ISO 9001 since 2005 (Certificate ISO 9001:2015 PDF)

Market distribution
2 million new licenses worldwide per year

Hundreds of industrial companies worldwide, predominantly manufacturers of programmable automation components / controllers and tens of thousands of users from all industrial sectors

Distributors in more than 10 countries
User support by independent System Partners worldwide (e.g. for creation of applications, system integration, training)

Technical Milestones


  • IEC 61508 SIL2 Platform Support Package (PSP) for Infineon Aurix TC3
  • Significantly improved security protection of runtime systems
  • CODESYS Mass Licenser: additional tool for mass licensing of runtime systems
  • Introduction of Application-Based Runtime Licenses
  • Certification of the CODESYS OPC UA Server
  • New editor for symbol configuration
  • New release and update area on the website
  • Revision of the static code analysis with new options and rules
  • First presentation of CODESYS go!, the new, web-based CODESYS V3-compatible development system
  • First presentation of the CODESYS simulation interface based on OPC UA Pub Sub
  • CODESYS Virtual Control SL: Second place in the readers' choice for "Products of the Year 2023" in the "Control and Regulation" category, finalist in the Best of Industry Award 2023 in the "Factory Automation" category
  • First presentation of CODESYS Virtual Safe Control: virtual safety controllers for every device platform


  • CODESYS Control Extension Package: Extension of the Linux-based SoftPLCs in the CODESYS Store (CODESYS Control "SL") by numerous functions (without complete Runtime toolkit).
  • “Chip Digital Innovator 2022" award, based on number and quality of patents filed in patent classes covering digitally relevant new developments
  • PLCopen Safety library for IEC 61508 SIL2
  • Usage and animation of HTML5 elements in CODESYS Visualization
  • Simplified use of mapped I/O data through symbolic access
  • New editor for symbol configuration
  • Open source library "CODESYS Building Automation”
  • Expansion of CODESYS Automation Server functionality, including license management of integrated controllers, automatic integration of new controllers after device replacement, and support for device user management
  • CODESYS Virtual Control SL: First introduction of virtual controllers for each device platform. Nomination of this innovation for the "Industrie 4.0 Innovation Award" and the "Products of the Year 2023" readers' choice in the "Control" category.


  • Automation Server now with Remote WebVisu, Remote Debugging and Data Analyzer – The CODESYS Automation Server is awarded the title “Product of the Year 2021” in a Computer&Automation reader poll in the category "Steuern&Regeln"!
  • OPC UA Server extended by new functionality for importing information models / Companion Specifications, comfortable OPC UA Client configurator
  • Comprehensive modularization of the CODESYS Development System
  • CODESYS Git - natively integrated client for the popular version management system
  • Client animations and overlay function for CODESYS Visualization


  • CODESYS Automation Server now with integrated remote debugging, remote web visualization and data analyzer
  • Comprehensive enhancements to the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition products (including CODESYS Profiler and CODESYS Static Analyzer)
  • New online training offer with full functional range
  • Enhancement of the OPC UA functions with client and PubSub communication
  • Linux® service offering to improve the real-time performance of devices
  • Real-time IP communication for CODESYS Control RTE
  • Distributed alarm management for CODESYS HMI


  • Release of the CODESYS Automation Server as a cloud-based administration platform
  • Introduction of a single dongle, CODESYS Key, for licensing and encryption
  • Release of the CODESYS Qualification Kit for SIL3 Package
  • CODESYS Professional Developer Edition as a subscription bundle


  • Add-on products for direct connection to cloud systems
  • Integrated Multicore support
  • SoftPLC for x86-based Linux systems
  • Encrypted OPC UA communication
  • KNX® building bus integrated


  • CODESYS-compatible SoftPLC for different Linux standard platforms – awarded with the “Automation Award 2017”
  • Ethernet fieldbus systems reconfigurable at runtime
  • Memory tools for graphic display of memory consumption in the controller
  • Powerful new visualization element XY-Plot


  • Encrypted communication / signature based on X.509 certificates 
  • Robotics function certified by PLCopen®
  • PROFINET device protocol stack 
  • CODESYS HMI SL: Visualization client for CODESYS V3 and V2.3 devices


  • CODESYS Depictor – integrated 3D visualization


  • CODESYS SoftPLC for RaspberryPi
  • Communication stacks integrated in CODESYS for general automation (EtherNet/IP™ scanner/adapter, PROFINET Controller) and special industries (BACnet®, IEC 61850 Server)


  • CODESYS Store: first integrated app store platform for the automation industry
  • HTML5 web visualization with responsive design


  • CODESYS Professional Developer Edition CODESYS Safety


  • CODESYS Application Composer CODESYS Security


  • CODESYS Automation Platform


  • CODESYS V3 – new generation of the Development System based on the Microsoft .NET technology; new option: object oriented programming


  • CODESYS SoftMotion


  • CODESYS Target- and WebVisu


  • realtime SoftSPS CODESYS SP RTE for Microsoft Windows




  • SoftPLC under WinNT
  • WinCE first Visualization clients


  • CODESYS Gateway Server
  • OPC-Server


  • Development of integrated compilers for 8-, 16- and 32-bit CPUs


Market launch of CODESYS V1.0


  • C-Code generation
  • Interpreter Code
  • integrated Visualization for demonstration purposes
  • runtime system available as a backend