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Press backgrounder 2017 - English (238 KB)
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Kempten/Germany, December 2017: U.S. subsidiary takes care of all CODESYS customers from North America.



Kempten/Germany, February 2018: CODESYS now brings performance benefits for performance-hungry PLC applications on multi-core platforms.


Kempten/Germany, October 2017: At the SPS IPC Drives, 3S-Smart Software Solutions will show how the IEC 61131-3 tool can be integrated optimally in the Industry 4.0 environment.



Kempten/Germany, September 2017: Available now: CODESYS-compatible runtime environment (SoftPLC) for the widespread devices PFC100 und IOT2000.



Kempten/Germany, December 2016: All CODESYS users from beginners to experts now profit from an improved training and information offer.



Kempten, December 2016: At Embedded World 2017, 3S-Smart Software Solutions presents an integrated security solution for CODESYS based on X.509 certificates.


Kempten, November 2016: At the SPS IPC Drives exhibition, 3S-Smart Software Solutions presents a CODESYS service pack with attractive innovations for end users.








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