CODESYS Users Conference We are looking forward to seeing you!

What is the CODESYS Users Conference?

  • A conference dedicated to CODESYS users - that is, to all those who use CODESYS for their daily work.
  • Our special focus is on providing practical benefits. We therefore present ideas and solutions that make working with CODESYS easier and more effective.
  • The conferences are accompanied by a Table Top Show. Here you will find a selection of CODESYS-compatible hardware for your automation solution.

Who will benefit from the CODESYS Users Conference?

  • All those wanting to consolidate and intensify their know-how about CODESYS.
  • All those interested in exchanging information with other users
  • All those who would like to establish and maintain direct contact with the CODESYS manufacturer

What are the CODESYS Users Conference venues?

Two locations in Germany, usually Stuttgart and Herdecke.
These conferences are held in German language.

Dates 2024

11 June 2024 | Herdecke

Ringhotel Zweibrücker Hof
German language!

Zweibrücker Hof 4
58313 Herdecke

13 June 2024 | Stuttgart

Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport
German language!

Flughafenstraße 50
70629 Stuttgart


CODESYS provides you with a comprehensive software tool for automation technology. You know exactly how to use it to develop logic applications.

But CODESYS can do much more!

CODESYS supports you in the following tasks:

  • Detecting potential problems in the code as soon as they are entered, for example faulty array accesses, divisions by 0, or null pointer access
  • Implementing different machine versions conveniently in a single project using compiler directives
  • Securely publishing variable data for different user groups
  • Easy management of certificates for secure communication
  • Remote debugging on your machine or plant
  • Utilizing HTML5 elements available in the www for machine operation
  • Becoming even more independent of dedicated control hardware through virtualization
  • Becoming immune to typical hacker attacks
  • Configuring your control applications in the browser

Learn more about it at the CODESYS Users Conference 2024 - we look forward to seeing you!


Our Speakers

(in the order of appearance):

Martin Decker

Product Manager CODESYS Automation Server, CODESYS GmbH
With a broad understanding of industrial automation, Martin Decker explains the solutions and functions of the IEC 61131-3 automation software CODESYS. As Product Manager for the CODESYS Automation Server, he is also the right contact for topics related to cloud and Industry 4.0. Through his appearance in numerous videos and at professional events, he has become a familiar face in the automation sector.

Ralph Holz

Trainer, CODESYS GmbH
Since 2006, Ralph Holz has been responsible for trainings at the CODESYS GmbH, covering every aspect of CODESYS. With his many years of professional experience, Ralph possesses profound technical expertise of both CODESYS and numerous application possibilities. His CODESYS seminars are distinguished by their practical relevance and numerous project examples that he uses to illustrate points to his training participants.

Bernhard Reiter

Product Manager Compiler & Communication, CODESYS Development GmbH
As a computer scientist, Bernhard Reiter is particularly interested in IT/OT integration and application architectures in the context of Industry 4.0. Bernhard is particularly interested in the automation of workflows in the application development process - which is why he is responsible for the Professional Developer Edition and the topic of CI/CD within the Product Management team.

With his much-discussed presentation "50 Shades of CODESYS", Bernhard Reiter appeared in front of a large audience for the first time at the CODESYS Technology Day 2023.

Tammo Frerichs

REINHOLZ Software & Technology GmbH

Johannes Siegle & Benjamin Pusch

mrm² Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Domenik Vögel

Product Manager CODESYS Virtual Control, CODESYS Development GmbH
With his ability to make complex technology tangible, Dominik Vögel makes complex topics accessible to a broad range of customers. Through his involvement in various face-to-face or online events, has become known to many CODESYS users.


09:00 Uhr //  Referent: Martin Decker
Begrüßung und Einführung in die Themenblöcke

09:15 Uhr  //  Referent: Ralph Holz
Wie Sie potenzielle Probleme im Code bereits bei der Eingabe erkennen

09:45 Uhr  //  Referent: Bernhard Reiter
Wie Sie unterschiedliche Applikationsvarianten mittels Compiler-Direktiven komfortabel in einem einzigen Projekt realisieren

10:15 Uhr  //  Kaffeepause

10:45 Uhr  //  Referent: Tammo Frerichs, REINHOLZ Software & Technology GmbH
Die Zukunft ist mobil und autonom – CODESYS als Plattform für AGVs

11:15 Uhr //  Referent: Martin Decker
Wie Sie im www verfügbare HTML5-Elemente für eine Maschinenbedienung nutzbar machen

11:45 Uhr  //  Referent: Johannes Siegle und Benjamin Pusch,  mrm² Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
CODESYS – das Käpsale der Automatisierungstechnik

12:15 Uhr //  Mittagspause

13:15 Uhr  //  Referent: Martin Decker
Wie Sie Remote auf Ihrer Maschine oder Anlage debuggen

14:00 Uhr  //  Referent: Bernhard Reiter
Wie Sie mit Zertifikaten die sichere Kommunikation ganz einfach verwalten

14:30 Uhr  //  Referent: Domenik Vögel
Wie Sie Ihre Steuerungsapplikationen zukünftig im Browser projektieren

15:00 Uhr  //  Kaffeepause

15:30 Uhr  //  Referent: Bernhard Reiter
Wie Sie Variablendaten sicher für unterschiedliche Benutzergruppen veröffentlichen

16:00 Uhr  //  Referent: Ralph Holz
Wie Sie immun gegen typische Hackerangriffe werden

16:30 Uhr  //  Referent: Domenik Vögel
Wie Sie durch Virtualisierung noch unabhängiger von dedizierter Steuerungshardware werden 

17:00 Uhr  //  Ende der Veranstaltung