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IEC 61131-3 applications professionally engineered by technicians and software engineers – from LD to UML in one extendable platform

CODESYS V3.5 SP20: Wrap-up Q1/2024

In this new video, Roland Wagner, our Head of Product Marketing, explains important releases and updates to our new Service Pack.

The changes involve the Engineering, Runtime, Visualization, Motion/CNC/Robotics, Fieldbus, and Communication product areas. You will also find important information about the new lifecycle management in CODESYS. And you will find out which important public award CODESYS Virtual Safe Control SL has won. In 10 minutes, you will learn the latest important news about CODESYS. If you want to know in detail and have more time, take a look at the Feature Briefing Spring 2024.

The IEC 61131-3 Development System CODESYS for programming intelligent automation devices is the heart of the engineering platform. The software offers a variety of user-friendly engineering functions to make your development process faster and more efficient.

Based on the  CODESYS Automation Platform, the integrated engineering functions of CODESYS can be seamlessly extended. Using a Software Development Kit (SDK), you can create your own plug-ins under Microsoft .NET and integrate them into the system.

The add-on tools included in the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition help you develop your IEC 61131-3 applications. These tools, which are directly integrated in the controller development system, provide functionalities well-known from high-level language programming.

The CODESYS Application Composer adds a user-friendly application layer to the IEC 61131-3 development system. Using ready made modules, you can compose complete machine or plant applications via drag and drop and then generate structured IEC 61131-3 program code in a click.

Machines and plants with strict redundancy requirements need a redundant controller architecture. With the CODESYS Redundancy Toolkit you can develop CODESYS controllers which run in parallel and supervise each other.

CODESYS brochures and information material

CODESYS - One software. All applications. Your Automation Solution.
Version: 10/2023
pdf 2 MB
CODESYS - One software. Any field of application. Your automation platform.
Version: 10/2023
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Various suppliers present CODESYS-compatible devices and exciting solutions that can be useful for your automation tasks. (Only available in german language.)
Version: 11/2022
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