Standard Interface for Communication in Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 Systems

Platform Independent Standard Access to Variable Data

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is a new development of OPC specifications which allows not only for transportation of machine and plant data but also for a semantic description of these data in a machine-readable way. OPC UA is a platform independent standard based on TCP. The protocol stack is available for all members of the OPC Foundation. The OPC UA specification provides different profiles for the scaling of individual features.


  • follows the OPC UA specification by using the profile „Micro Embedded Device Server“ based on the communication stack of the OPC Foundation to implement communication.
  • is an add-on component to the CODESYS Control Runtime System and is available for device manufacturers as an option to the CODESYS Control Runtime Toolkit. It can be implemented in all device platforms supported by CODESYS which have sufficient performance as well as a TCP/IP stack and a real-time clock. In order to carry out the implementation, device manufacturers have to obtain the source code of the communication stack directly from the OPC Foundation.
  • is already included in the CODESYS SoftPLC systems available in the CODESYS Store (no further license fees).
  • receives data from the symbol configuration in the CODESYS Development System and communicates with suitable OPC UA clients.


  • You are a system integrator or a user in the machine/plant construction sector or the like:


    • Apply controllers which are already equipped with the CODESYS OPC UA Server.
    • Purchase SoftPLC systems from the CODESYS Store which include the CODESYS OPC UA Server without additional license fees.


  • You are a manufacturer of programmable devices:


    • Purchase the CODESYS OPC UA Server and use the CODESYS Control Runtime Toolkit to implement the additional components delivered in your device. In order to do so, integrate the source code of the OPC UA communication stack available for all members of the OPC Foundation.
    • For more information or an offer please contact our sales department under



Published 10-16-2015
Manufacturers of intelligent automation devices can now add the component CODESYS C-Integration to their devices. End users can then embed and execute C code directly in their IEC 61131-3 project.

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