CODESYS in the field daily use in different industries

CODESYS in Factory Automation
Leading IEC 61131-3 development system in factory automation with powerful functions for fieldbus configuration, visualization, motion control and safety.

CODESYS is used to automate serial machines and special purpose machines for the production of different goods and products around the world, e.g. in book or newspaper printing, in the furniture production industry or in the production of vehicle components.

CODESYS Factory Automation
CODESYS in Mobile Automation
IEC 61131-3 automation software for mobile applications – easy to integrate and proven in thousands of vehicles.

CODESYS is the number one development system for industrial controllers used in off-highway vehicles or other mobile machines. CODESYS controllers can be found in many construction machines, cranes, fork lift trucks and mining equipment.

CODESYS Mobile Automation
CODESYS in Energy Automation
Expandable IEC 61131-3 development system for the automation of energy generation and distribution – bus interface and redundancy are fully integrated.

CODESYS is used in industrial applications for power generation and distribution for example for the control of solar power plants and block heating plants, wind turbines or transformer stations.

CODESYS Energy Automation
CODESYS in Embedded Automation
Complete IEC 61131-3 IDE for industrial embedded applications.

CODESYS is used for the development of special-purpose control devices which require on-site adaptation by the application engineer, e.g. for controllers in industrial compressors, industrial weighing and dosing and medical technology.

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CODESYS in Process Automation
IEC 61131-3 software suite covering the full range of process automation with a complete communication infrastructure from the field to the control level.

CODESYS is perfectly suited for controlling processes or plants. It is used in steel and aluminum rolling mills and for monitoring and controlling sewage or paper processing plants via telecontrol.

CODESYS Process Automation
CODESYS in Building Automation
IEC 61131-3 development software for efficient building and infrastructure automation.

CODESYS is used for the automation of commercial buildings and private homes, for example for intelligent lighting control, shading or air conditioning for individual rooms or complete floors or for the management of entire building complexes.

CODESYS Building Automation