CODESYS Security

As machines and plants are more and more interconnected via Internet, protection against cyberattacks is of vital importance. Security is therefore an issue of high priority to 3S-Smart Software Solutions, and it constitutes an integral part of our development process.

The Security functions integrated in the CODESYS products are permanently updated and extended. All CODESYS software components are regularly checked to detect potential vulnerabilities. Moreover, 3S-Smart Software Solutions commits to resolve verified vulnerabilities within a reasonable period of time. Our Security Whitepaper (PDF) will provide you with important information on the topic of CODESYS Security.


18.01.2018 - Microsoft released a Windows 10 update in early January to fix the Meltdown and Spectre processor vulnerabilities. However, this update (KB4056892) causes, among other things, that CODESYS Control RTE 64 Bit can no longer be started under Windows 10.

To fix this problem, a software update (hotfix) for the RTE is now available for download in the CODESYS Store.

Of course, we will continue to monitor this topic and provide you with further information/updates if necessary.

Report vulnerabilities!

Help us make CODESYS software products as secure as possible. If you detect a potential vulnerability having direct or indirect effect on a CODESYS software product, please report it using the online form (encrypted via https) or send an e-mail to the CODESYS Security team ( Our Coordinated Disclosure Policy (PDF) gives you all relevant information on how to report vulnerabilities and on how 3S-Smart Software Solutions handles reported vulnerabilities.

The table hereunder shows all Security advisories published by 3S-Smart Software Solutions. These advisories provide essential information on known vulnerabilities including possible workarounds and available Security updates. It is up to the device manufacturers’ technical assessment if and when to implement the recommended updates.

For questions concerning Security issues or if you wish to report vulnerabilities or irregularities, please use the form below (encrypted via https).
If you wish to receive a feedback, please make sure to fill in your e-mail address.

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