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Next big thing in smart factories? Control systems virtualization.
Virtualization technology has dramatically changed the way IT resources are used, but the benefits of virtualization have yet to benefit industrial operations in any significant way. In this article, the authors describe the benefits manufacturers can expect to see by virtualizing industrial automation control (IACS) systems and solutions to get there.
Virtual safety PLC - the next generation of industrial control
The CODESYS Soft PLCs can be installed as virtual controllers on any platform with a container or hypervisor.
Safety with virtual controllers
Safety controllers can also be implemented without a two-channel hardware structure and thus virtual controllers can be used in safety applications.
Can virtual controllers be safe?
The abstraction of controllers to virtual controllers is playing an increasingly important role in the course of digitalization. However, one aspect is critical: the control of potentially dangerous machines and systems. Can virtual PLCs also be used for this?
CODESYS-based controllers
Delta introduces the AX-300N and AX-324N compact mid-range PLC controllers. These AX-3 Series controllers offer a CODESYS development environment designed to enable intelligent industrial automation applications. Compatibility with Delta's AS-Series IO products and support for a wide range of industrial communication protocols, including PLCopen v1.0 function blocks, Ethernet/IP and OPC UA servers, ensure compatibility in a variety of automation applications.
CODESYS: The virtual safety controller
In a two-part series of articles, we shed light on the path of the PLC towards virtual control. In this second part of the article series, the focus is on functionally safe controllers - i.e. safety controllers. Can they also be virtualized?
Company from Kempten makes rockets fly and wind turbines rotate
The company CODESYS develops software that is used by industry to control machines. However, there are also completely different fields of application.
CODESYS Virtual Control – the next evolutionary step in control technology
The runtime in the container offers instant solutions to parts shortages, delivery problems, and increased prices. IT integration, scalability, flexibility, and microservices result in completely new possibilities that were unthinkable with native PLCs.
Virtual Control – the next evolutionary stage of Soft PLCs
The containerized runtime provides an instant solution to parts shortage, delayed supply chains, and increased prices. IT integration, scalability, flexibility, and microservices open up new possibilities that were not feasible with previous native control solutions. CODESYS shows what the future of control technology could look like.
PLC inside – controller functions for modular touch panel solutions
To better meet the specific needs of users, touch panel supplier Christ is expanding its portfolio to include ARM-based control technology with CODESYS V3. Just like the panels, the PLC integration is also modular. In this way, the company intends to provide its customers with PLC solutions that are exactly suitable for their requirements.