CODESYS in Education

Promotion and cooperation program for teaching and educational institutions

In the CODESYS Group, experienced software engineers and automation specialists work on the development of cutting-edge software that sets milestones in the world of automation.

Working with established industrial standards and employing latest technologies is a matter of course for us. That is why we attach great importance to close cooperation with leading teaching and educational institutions. Both sides benefit equally from the resulting transfer of knowledge and experience.

The CODESYS Group promotion and cooperation program covers the following aspects:

  • Free licenses for educational purposes
  • Free training, for example CODESYS basic training for teaching staff, free participation in public CODESYS standard training courses
  • Supervision of Bachelor and Master theses

The following requirements apply for the inclusion of institutes in the CODESYS Group funding and cooperation program:

  • The inquiring institute or teaching facility can prove an established teaching activity: The website of the University, technical college, vocational school, or high school mentions automation technology as part of the core curriculum.
  • CODESYS licenses issued free of charge are used exclusively for teaching or accompanying work within the scope of laboratories or internships. It is not permitted to pass on licenses.
  • CODESYS is actually used in teaching or training (e.g. as a basis for lectures, seminars, laboratories).

The maximum number of free licenses that can be provided is as follows:

Platform-independent SoftPLC runtime systems

The CODESYS Control SoftPLC runtime system converts any embedded or PC-based device into an IEC 61131-3-compliant industrial controller. It is available in different customized versions:

  • e.g. CODESYS Control Win SL, CODESYS Control RTE for Windows-based PCs
  • CODESYS Control for Linux SL, CODESYS Control for Linux ARM SL for Linux-based platforms
  • Systems adapted to special Linux devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi, WAGO PFC 100/200, WAGO TP 600, PLCnext, IOT2000 family, emPC, BeagleBone)

CODESYS Control supports the use of fieldbus systems (such as EtherCAT/PROFINET/EthernetIP and CANopen/PROFIBUS/Modbus) and I/O channels as well as multicore functionality.

30 free licenses

Platform-independent data exchange

CODESYS OPC UA enables the use of the OPC UA server and OPC UA client functionality.

Corresponding number of additional licenses to the SoftSPS licenses


CODESYS Visualization enables graphical visualization via the CODESYS WebVisu (display via HTML5-capable web browser), CODESYS TargetVisu (indication on the display/operating panel of the control unit) or both.

30 free licenses

The CODESYS Depictor enables the creation, display, and animation of 3D models. CODESYS HMI SL equips a remote computer with a graphical user interface (HMI).

15 free licenses each

Motion control for CNC and robotics

Extension of pure logic control to motion control with support for CNC and robotics. With CODESYS SoftMotion Axes, up to 64 real axes and another 64 virtual axes can be controlled individually. CODESYS SoftMotion Axis Groups/CNC Interpolators enables the operation of up to six axis groups or CNC interpolators.

5 free licenses each

Professional application development according to IEC-61131-3

The CODESYS Professional Developer Edition extends the free CODESYS Development System V3 with the integrated additional tools CODESYS UML, CODESYS SVN, CODESYS Git, CODESYS Static Analysis, CODESYS Profiler, and CODESYS Test Manager for a more efficient application development.

15 free annual subscriptions

What does the CODESYS Group expect from its teaching and educational partners?

  • Actual use of the provided licenses during teaching operations
  • Feedback about product features / quality
  • Information about upcoming and ongoing projects / works / courses, e.g. with material such as photos, reports, project documentation
  • Public reference to cooperation with the CODESYS Group at institute events
  • Reference to CODESYS website


Contact us and send an e-mail to

If you have a support request, please use our support form for educational institutions.

An explanation of the license conditions for CODESYS products can be found under Licensing. For further information on Application-based Licenses, please visit the CODESYS Store.