CODESYS in Factory Automation

Leading IEC 61131-3 development system in factory automation with powerful functions for fieldbus configuration, visualization, motion control and safety.

CODESYS is used to automate serial machines and special purpose machines for the production of all sorts of different goods and products around the world. In book or newspaper printing, in the furniture production industry or in the production of vehicle components – CODESYS is virtually everywhere.

Why is that so?

  • CODESYS offers a powerful IEC 61131-3 development environment with fully integrated backend functions such as compilers, debuggers, simulation and variable trace.
    ⇒ The application can be developed without any additional tools what so ever. The same applies for testing and commissioning.
  • Many tasks in factory automation like the fieldbus configuration, the creation of modern visualization screens for machine operation, planning and execution of complex motion control or CNC movements, implementation of safety applications to DIN IEC 61508 SIL3 etc. can be carried out with the integrated tool.
    ⇒ All this is done without having to leave the familiar development surface.
  • The latest version of CODESYS can be downloaded for free from this website.
    ⇒ And without any effort the user can profit from the latest CODESYS features. CODESYS is also widely used by schools and universities for training future technicians and engineers. 
  • Today, CODESYS is used in over 1000 different controllers around the world. CODESYS Inside offers a selection of manufacturers that offer CODESYS-compatible devices.
    ⇒ This means every end user has a vast pool of automation devices to choose from for his automation project.

CODESYS brochures and information material

CODESYS - One software. All applications. Your Automation Solution.
Version: 10/2023
pdf 2 MB
CODESYS - One software. Any field of application. Your automation platform.
Version: 10/2023
pdf 2 MB
Various suppliers present CODESYS-compatible devices and exciting solutions that can be useful for your automation tasks. (Only available in german language.)
Version: 11/2022
pdf 3 MB

Factory Automation in the Field

Magnetic equipment for LeanMotor Blanks – SoftMotion Robotics
STÖBER Antriebstechnik GmbH + Co. KG / Pforzheim / Germany
Antriebe: STÖBER SI6 mit PS6
Flexible, adaptable tube filler:
Schneider Electric Automation GmbH / Marktheidenfeld / Germany
Das Tubentransportsystem: Durch das einstellige Konzept bleibt überdurchschnittlich viel Platz für Zusatzoptionen.
Architektur der Automatisierungslösung, Version mit vier Lexium LXM 62-
Servodrives für 7 Servomotoren.
Schaltschrank der Maschine: Die PacDrive 3-basierte Automatisierungslösung mit Multiachs-Servosystem Lexium LXM 62
Der GMP-gerechte Arbeitsbereich des Tubenfüllers FP 18-1 ist von drei Seiten zugänglich.
Der Tubenfüller FP 18-1 von OYSTAR IWK mit einer auf PacDrive 3 basierenden
State-of-the-art retort basket unloading system for a leading soup canning facility
Can Lines Engineering LLC, Downey / USA; Festo AG & Co. KG, Esslingen / Germany
The magnetic head carriage enables to meet productivity and safety goals as well as simplify system control.
At the basket unloading station, multiple layers of cans are automatically removed from the baskets.
This system improved the end user’s packaging line productivity by 30% and reduced rejects by 20%.
LP-Dispenser ADU 01
ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH / Dornstadt / Germany
Fräsportal mit Ionisierung und Absaugung von unten, Niederhalter von oben.
Entnehmen der Einzelschaltungen aus dem Warenträger und Ablage auf ein Vollflächenband oder optional in Warenträger.
Abkippen des Nutzenrandes in den integrierten Abfallbehälter.
Passt auf Knopfdruck
Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH / Malente / Deutschland (This application report is only available in German language)
Motor, Antriebssteuerung und Programmierung sind aufeinander abgestimmt.
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