CODESYS Support and product information

Our goal is to answer your questions as fast and thoroughly as possible.

In order to be able to respond individually to your specific information needs, we offer various support and information channels for CODESYS users. Please refer to the following table to find out where to get the requested information.

Bug reports or technical questions

Device manufacturers

(with a valid Maintenance & Support Agreement)

To report software bugs or if you have questions concerning the usage, functionality or design of the CODESYS software products, please direct your questions through your company's registered support liaison.


If you do not have a support contract or do not know who your registered support liaison is, please send an email to


CODESYS Store Customers

If you need technical support, please purchase a Support Ticket in the CODESYS Store. Note that certain products in the CODESYS Store already include a Support Ticket. To report software bugs or if you have a question concerning the products in the CODESYS Store, click on the "My Question" button.

FAQ Support Ticket My Question


For our customers from the USA, Canada and Mexico we offer the CODESYS Store North America.

FAQ Support Ticket North America My Question

Customers of device manufacturers

For any questions, please contact your device manufacturer or purchase a Support Ticket in the CODESYS Store.

Support Ticket

NEW: For our customers from the USA, Canada and Mexico we now offer the CODESYS Store North America.

Support Ticket North America

Educational institutions

Please use our support form for educational institutions.


Support for educational institutions




Pricing and commercial information for all types of customers

For general product questions, pricing and commercial information please contact our sales team.

CODESYS Sales Team

For pricing information on products from the CODESYS Store, use the “Create offer” functionality after logging into the Store and adding the desired product to the shopping cart.


Consulting & Development Services

Device manufacturers

(with a valid Maintenance & Support Agreement)

CODESYS customized for you:
Decoupled from the main product development process, we can adapt and extend the standard development system CODESYS to meet your specific requirements.

CODESYS Device Manufacturer Service


We offer comprehensive consulting for CODESYS users.
Make optimal use of CODESYS for your automation project.

CODESYS User Services


Other support resources

CODESYS Training

We offer training courses worldwide tailored to suit your specific needs.

CODESYS Trainings

CODESYS Q&A Platform

Visit CODESYS Talk, the official Q&A platform for CODESYS users. Ask your questions and get answers and valuable tips from experienced CODESYS users.


CODESYS Online Help

Find our web-based help here.

CODESYS Online Help

Clips, tutorials, webinars

Visit the official CODESYS channel on YouTube.

CODESYS YouTube channel

Open source projects

Visit CODESYS Forge the open platform for all CODESYS related open source projects. Find free software, examples, and inspiration for your automation projects


Example projects

Download free example projects at CODESYS Forge.


Regular update information

For up-to-date information on existing and new products, follow our LinkedIn company page.

CODESYS auf LinkedIn

Security information and updates

Find out about current Security advisories at

CODESYS Security information

Standard CODESYS libraries and device descriptions

Use the reload function of the library manager in the CODESYS Development System or in the device repository.

Library Manager

Device Repository