Configure and use master and slave in the IEC 61131-3 development system - with portable protocol library (communication stack)

Integrated CANopen® Master/Slave Support

Scope of services

  • CANopen master/slave configurator fully integrated in the CODESYS Development System based on EDS or DCF files.
    ⇒ No external tool required for configuring the bus system or the I/O data used
  • CANopen communication stack in the form of a CODESYS library according to CiA® 301
    ⇒ Portable, dynamically usable protocol stack for different platforms
    ⇒ No static implementation of the stack on the device, memory usage for other tasks possible
    ⇒ Compilation of the stack into native machine code together with the application code, synchronous download to the controller
  • Application interface according to CiA 405 for diagnosis and use of SDO
    ⇒ Extensive functionality without needing any additional software tools
  • Extensive diagnostic functions
    ⇒ Fast and targeted troubleshooting of communication problems

The CANopen support in CODESYS is based on the standard implementation of the CAN-Interface (3S CAN driver interface). If the target device programmable with CODESYS is equipped accordingly, users can immediately use CODESYS CANopen.

Available products and related datasheets:

Features of the CANopen Implementation

  • CiA 302 state machine
  • Error control: heartbeat / node guarding
  • Display of diagnostic data and emergency messages
  • Sync producing/consuming
  • Many supported PDO transfer types

CANopen Master

  • Supports several SDO channels
  • Import of CANopen EDS and DCF files
  • Automatic PDO mapping for modular slaves according to CiA 401 (depends on modules)
  • Configurable stack behavior
  • CiA405 FBs as API
  • Access to CAN chip via CANLowLevel library
  • Add SDOs to the configuration list
  • CANopen redundancy in combination with CODESYS Redundancy Toolkit

CANopen Safety

  • Based on CODESYS CANopen Master/Slave
  • Platform-independent CANopen safety protocol libraries (master/slave) with integrated CANopen safety master/slave configurator
  • Extends CODESYS CANopen Master/Slave with safety layer, full functionality guaranteed
  • Certified according to EN 50325-5 for applications according to IEC 61508 SIL2 or EN/ISO 13849 up to PLd
  • Mixed operation CANopen / CANopen Safety possible in one network

CANopen Slave

  • Static PDO mapping
  • Definition of I/O areas with automatic creation of the PDO mapping
  • Definition of SDO parameter areas
  • API for manipulating the NMT state machine
  • Generation of a CiA 306 compliant EDS file

Typical application: Mobile machines with safety control/ECU according to EN/ISO 13849 PLd, implemented using CODESYS Safety SIL2


  • You are a system integrator or a user in the machine/plant construction sector or the like:
    Use controllers equipped with CODESYS CANopen support.
    Millions of CODESYS-compatible single devices and over 1,000 different device types from more than 500 manufacturers offer you a large range of hardware for your automation projects. CODESYS Inside offers a selection of manufacturers that offer CODESYS-compatible devices. Alternatively, you can use the CODESYS Control SoftPLC Systems from the CODESYS Store. CODESYS CANopen Master / Slave is already licensed in most systems and can be used immediately if a suitable CAN interface is available.
  • You are a manufacturer of programmable devices:
    Implement the CANopen mini driver on your hardware and make available sufficient memory on your device (more information here).  Order the CODESYS Runtime Toolkit with CANopen Master/Slave support. If necessary, also purchase the CODESYS CANopen Safety option.
  • For more information or an offer please contact our sales department under

CODESYS brochures and information material

CODESYS - One software. All applications. Your Automation Solution.
Version: 10/2023
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CODESYS - One software. Any field of application. Your automation platform.
Version: 10/2023
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Various suppliers present CODESYS-compatible devices and exciting solutions that can be useful for your automation tasks. (Only available in german language.)
Version: 11/2022
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