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"All states are immediately transparent"
This article is only available in German at the moment. Der CODESYS Automation Server kombiniert moderne Webtechnologien und Automatisierungstechnik. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Roland Wagner, Head of Product Marketing bei der CODESYS Group, erklärt, wie sich mit ihm typische Aufgaben der Automatisierung einfach lösen lassen.
Object orientation in the PLC?
"We're not putting that into our machines!“ – "At last you can also program PLCs rationally!" The question as to whether object-oriented PLC programming makes sense provokes controversy.
CODESYS Automation Server complements CODESYS offer
Automation engineers can "do" Industry 4.0 - no question about that. With the CODESYS Automation Server, the CODESYS Group has now introduced a comprehensive platform that helps control and administer controller environments even better, especially in interconnected Industry 4.0 landscapes. Roland Wagner, Head of Product Marketing, explains the advantages of this web-based solution. Pilot users can register until April 2019.
Cybersecure ISA-88 recipes and control with IEC 61131-3
Due to hardware and software limitations, batch control systems have evolved as two distinct parts: equipment control in the distributed control system (DCS) or programmable logic controller (PLC), and recipe operations in a separate PC server. Historically, controllers have simply not had the storage and computational power required to handle the entire job. Nor were traditional industrial control system (ICS) programming languages up to the task. Fortunately, 21st century industrial...
Control technology in the cloud - useful or not?
Forecasts in automation technology predicting a complete technological break have rarely been realistic. For example, when industrial PCs started to be used as control platforms, many experts predicted that classic control solutions would be completely replaced by central PC-based control technology within the next decade. Current user surveys, on the other hand, show that they use a mix of centralized and decentralized control technology and even tend towards decentralized architectures....
With the power of many cores: CODESYS Multicore on a welding system
Modern control systems are taking on more and more tasks. However, reliability and guaranteed real-time performance must not suffer as a result. The solution lies in powerful control systems with multi-core processors in which the various cores perform dedicated tasks. Thanks to a multi-core capable development environment for programmable logic controllers according to the IEC 61131-3 standard, implementation is now easy.
More Transparency and Security: Interview with Dieter Hess and Manfred Werner, CODESYS Group
At the first CODESYS Technology Day in mid-May, Manfred Werner and Dieter Hess got the attention of around 400 participants. They outlined the status of the CODESYS Automation Server, the central component of CODESYS' upcoming automation architecture.
3S implements the CODESYS Automation Server
In the middle of May, 3S-Smart Software Solutions hosted the CODESYS Technology Day for the first time. The core message: As the third supporting pillar alongside the company's runtime and engineering products, the CODESYS Automation Server will complete the SW portfolio in the future.
Automated project planning of coal mining
How can the project planning of the software applications of special machines be done economically? In particular when they are assembled from a modular system containing different components? Answers are provided by the experience of the Eickhoff Group in the introduction of a software technology that does away with the manual programming of their underground shearer loaders.
Kepware Expands Flagship Product to Offer Additional Device Connectivity
Portland, ME/USA, June 8, 2017 — Kepware®, a PTC business developing industrial connectivity software, today announced the release of the KEPServerEX® version 6.2 industrial connectivity platform. Significant enhancements include new functionality for the CODESYS Ethernet driver, a new TIA Portal Exporter Utility, Configuration API support for the EFM Exporter, and improved interoperability with the ThingWorx® IoT Platform.