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Automation Server: Control technology under control thanks to cloud support
Out of sight, out of mind - this is not a good strategy for delivered machines and systems. With the Automation Server, CODESYS GmbH, Kempten, therefore offers control management from the cloud. Updating new releases of the application software and - in the near future - also the firmware is thus possible remotely and the current status is always transparent, says Martin Decker, Product Owner CODESYS Automation Server at CODESYS Group. On the machine side, only an edge gateway is required.
CODESYS Git: Connection of the version management
As part of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition, CODESYS has already been offering a connection to the Apache Subversion version management system for years. Recently, a connection to the popular open source version management system Git has been included in the add-on bundle.
Three right!
OPC UA is considered the number one communication standard in the Industry 4.0 era. Still many programmers ask themselves, how much additional effort is actually involved when working with OPC UA. The following article gives an answer by looking at the usage of OPC UA Server, Client and PubSub on CODESYS-compatible platforms.
A practical tip for 24/7 operation
The use of the Industry 4.0 platform CODESYS Automation Server offers the possibility of obtaining a detailed overview of your own control landscape and minimizing failure risks.
Flexible integration of OPC UA Companion Specs
Extensive CODESYS update brings numerous enhancements
IEC-61131-3 automation software: Comprehensive update for CODESYS
Speeding up daily work and making technical innovations in automation accessible to users: This is the goal that CODESYS Group pursued when developing the latest update of its CODESYS package.
Great demand for controller development system
The demand for software-based controllers is increasing. The automation software manufacturer CODESYS therefore expects a significant increase in sales this year.
Integration of OPC UA in CODESYS
RS232, Ethernet, numerous fieldbuses, MQTT - the IEC 61131-3 tool CODESYS supports practically all important industrial communication protocols. With the latest version, the Kempten-based company has completed the integrated OPC UA features in CODESYS.
CODESYS: Modularization, extended functions and additional version management
The manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software CODESYS has been revised. For example, thanks to modularization, users can benefit more quickly from updates of individual components. In addition, there are new functions and the version management system Git is also available.
Industrial small control
Das auf Basis des »Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+« entwickelte IIoT-Gateway »Rev Pi Connect+« von Kunbus gibt es nun auch mit vorinstallierter »CODESYS«-Runtime-Lizenz. Die Einbindung in die Entwicklungsumgebung »CODESYS« erfolgt über den Import der Gerätebeschreibungsdateien. So lässt sich das hutschienenbasierte Modul als industrielle Kleinsteuerung einsetzen, die in vielen Fällen als Alternative zu einer SPS ausreicht.