CODESYS-based controllers

Delta introduces the AX-300N and AX-324N compact mid-range PLC controllers. These AX-3 Series controllers offer a CODESYS development environment designed to enable intelligent industrial automation applications. Compatibility with Delta's AS-Series IO products and support for a wide range of industrial communication protocols, including PLCopen v1.0 function blocks, Ethernet/IP and OPC UA servers, ensure compatibility in a variety of automation applications.

For distributed RIO or conventional setups

The controllers expand Delta's product portfolio and provide more options for both conventional control systems with I/O functions integrated into the controller and distributed remote input/output (RIO) configurations. The AX-300N is a cost-effective solution that is compatible with Delta's entire AS-Series IO portfolio. It is suitable for distributed RIO environments, offering benefits such as cabling savings, easier scalability and greater system design flexibility. For conventional installations, the AX-324N offers 16 integrated digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and six HSC channels at 20 kHz. Both models offer two Ethernet ports with support for EtherNet /IP (scanner/adapter) and OPC UA server.

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