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On the way to Control Technology 5.0
Control technology is on its way to making the step to virtual control - Control 5.0. But haven't we just reached Industry 4.0? In order to better understand what developments are taking place in control technology, it is first worth looking back at the individual stages of evolution in this first article on the subject of virtual controllers. Part 2 then presents how to use virtual controllers and the possible use cases. However, one practical benefit is obvious: The dependency on hardware is dissolved - not a mistake in case of delivery bottlenecks.
On the way to the Industrial Controller 5.0
New opportunities and freedoms for machine builders through the abstraction of hardware and the merging of OT and IT
Using virtual controllers in order to quickly solve delivery problems
Shortage of supply has long since reached the field of automation technology. It is not only the chip shortage that leads to weeks of delays in the delivery of controllers and other intelligent automation components. How does a supplier of SoftPLCs deal with this problem? What can he do in order to bypass delivery problems? The German trade journal "etz magazine" interviewed Manfred Werner, CEO of the CODESYS Group, on this topic.
CODESYS Virtual Control SL
Due to supply bottlenecks, controllers currently need to be redesigned, and machines and systems need to be converted to control systems that are actually available. The solution: A SoftPLC that runs hardware-independently. CODESYS Virtual Control SL uses modern IT technologies such as containers, hypervisor/VM, Kubernetes, as well as OPC UA and web protocols to merge IT and OT. The virtual CODESYS SoftPLC therefore runs on conventional controllers as well as on edge servers, private or even public clouds - depending on the application's requirements regarding determinism and cycle time. The software defines the function, the hardware provides the necessary resources.
Complex automation implemented quickly, safely and easily
A technology demonstrator from SEW Eurodrive shows how cooperating robots implement complex applications quickly and economically. Even large automation systems can be built up modularly from smaller subsystems, some of which operate autonomously.
System-on-Module from Kontron: Using CODESYS now
Kontron is expanding the "SL i.MX6 UL" system-on-module to include the CODESYS automation software for engineering industrial control systems. Complex control tasks can be implemented quickly and easily using the hardware-independent development environment.
Automate fast and precise hydraulic processes
The Parker Automation Controller, together with the PACHC electrohydraulic control module, ensures the automation of fast and precise hydraulic processes. We present the new system solution in detail.
Automation Server: Control technology under control thanks to cloud support
Out of sight, out of mind - this is not a good strategy for delivered machines and systems. With the Automation Server, CODESYS GmbH, Kempten, therefore offers control management from the cloud. Updating new releases of the application software and - in the near future - also the firmware is thus possible remotely and the current status is always transparent, says Martin Decker, Product Owner CODESYS Automation Server at CODESYS Group. On the machine side, only an edge gateway is required.
CODESYS Git: Connection of the version management
As part of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition, CODESYS has already been offering a connection to the Apache Subversion version management system for years. Recently, a connection to the popular open source version management system Git has been included in the add-on bundle.
Three right!
OPC UA is considered the number one communication standard in the Industry 4.0 era. Still many programmers ask themselves, how much additional effort is actually involved when working with OPC UA. The following article gives an answer by looking at the usage of OPC UA Server, Client and PubSub on CODESYS-compatible platforms.