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KNX-Integration in CODESYS
Kempten/Germany, March 2018: Industrial standard tool CODESYS now supports KNX, one of the most important fieldbus systems in building automation.
CODESYS Group: Big plans for 2018
CODESYS Group remains on the road to success.
Opening of CODESYS Corporation in North America
U.S. subsidiary takes care of all CODESYS customers from North America.
Distribute PLC application to CPU cores
Kempten/Germany, January 2018: CODESYS now brings performance benefits for performance-hungry PLC applications on multi-core platforms.
IIoT – Automation powered by CODESYS
IIoT – Automation powered by CODESYS
Kempten/Germany, October 2017: At the SPS IPC Drives, 3S-Smart Software Solutions will show how the IEC 61131-3 tool can be integrated optimally in the Industry 4.0 environment.
CODESYS SoftPLC for open Linux device platforms
Kempten/Germany, September 2017: Available now: CODESYS-compatible runtime environment (SoftPLC) for the widespread devices PFC100 und IOT2000.
CODESYS Training and CODESYS Users Conference
Kempten/Germany, December 2016: All CODESYS users from beginners to experts now profit from an improved training and information offer.
Security for programmable IIoT platforms
Kempten, December 2016: At Embedded World 2017, 3S-Smart Software Solutions presents an integrated security solution for CODESYS based on X.509 certificates.
Beschleunigte Entwicklungszyklen mit neuer CODESYS-Version
Accelerated development cycles with new CODESYS version
Kempten, November 2016: At the SPS IPC Drives exhibition, 3S-Smart Software Solutions presents a CODESYS service pack with attractive innovations for end users.
CODESYS Robotics: Update and PLCopen certification for CODESYS Robotics functionality
Kempten, October 2016: SPS IPC Drives exhibition, 3S-Smart Software Solutions demonstrates an extension of its robotics solution integrated in CODESYS — now PLCopen-certified.