Press Releases SPS 2023

Here you can download the press releases published by CODESYS Group and the co-exhibitors in the run-up to the SPS fair.



CODESYS Static Analysis substantially revised

Kempten/Germany, November 2023: Major update for CODESYS Static Analysis

CODESYS is the market-leading IEC 61131-3 automation platform that is independent of device manufacturers. Since 2016, the Kempten-based software company offers an add-on for static code analysis that conveniently supports the development of control logic. This add-on has now been fundamentally revised and improved.
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CODESYS Virtual Safe Control, the hardware-independent SIL3 safety controller

Kempten, November 2023: Coded Processing in virtual safety controllers: As of 2024, CODESYS Virtual Safe Control SL will allow for the implementation of SIL3-certified safety controls without certified hardware.

For more than 10 years now, CODESYS can be extended with a certified SIL3 solution based on two-channel, certified hardware with 1oo2. By using virtual controllers, the hardware can now be abstracted.
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Altus Sistemas de Informatica SA

Altus has been delivering solutions to customers and partners from different sectors of the industry for 40 years. From very s mall systems to complex applications, Altus range of products can meet all demands of the market, delivering features that fill each and every element required by the customers’ needs. Acting globally, the company is constantly evolving in order to be competitive and to add value to its partner’s business.
During this year’s edition of SPS, Altus will bring important news for the new line of Nexto Controllers! Stay tuned!
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BEKA associates Ltd.

New Intrinsically Safe Operator Panel & PLC

BEKA associates have introduced Pageant, a new intrinsically safe combined Operator Panel and Programmable Logic Controller with plug-in input and output modules allowing direct connection to hazardous area sensors.
Pageant simplifies the design, reduces panel space requirements and the cost of providing operator displays and controls in hazardous areas. It has Ex ia intrinsic safety protection with IECEx, ATEX and UKEX certification allowing installation in all gas and dust Zones.
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Come to SPS 2023 in Nuremberg and see how CMZ solutions meet CODESYS.

CMZ core business: applicatives and libraries upon customer’s projects
CMZ SISTEMI ELETTRONICI Srl is a long-term CODESYS member, located in Northern ITALY and established in 1976.
The company is specialized in engineering and production of hardware and software complete systems for industrial motion control, with turnkey configurations reducing the time to market for system integrators and OEMs of automatic machines.
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ICT Group

ICT-Electronics upgrades Machine Specific Controllers to Industry 4.0

ICT-Electronics is specialized in upgrading machine specific controllers to the next generation. Upgrading is driven by the need for an improved User Interface, improved machine communication or additional functionality. Upgrading the existing controller results in other limitation. This is the moment that your controller needs make a step to the next generation.  
ICT-Electronics has developed the Machine Control Platform (MCP). With this platform ICT-Electronics can easily realize your machine specific controller, and migrate your control application and user interface to your next generation controller.
ICT-Electronics has the hardware, software and production knowledge necessary to deliver your controller with future-proof functionality!
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Opto 22’s groov RIO firmware version 3.5 adds real-time control to remote I/O

The latest firmware update offers a CODESYS programming option along with enhancements for performance and security.

Temecula, CA - August 24, 2023 – Opto 22 announces the latest firmware version 3.5 for groov RIO edge I/O. This latest release includes the CODESYS runtime engine, allowing the groov RIO to now function as a real-time controller coupled with software-configurable I/O. The new firmware for groov RIO delivers a compact, configurable, and secure PLC for end-user or OEM engineers, technicians, and developers with smaller industrial control applications.
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WAGO GmbH & Co. KG

OPEN. To the code of your choice.

WAGO offers the right controller for every task and requirement. With WAGO’s controllers, you’ll be completely independent of your automation because they support all standard fieldbus protocols, Embedded Linux as an operating system and the CODESYS
development environment per IEC 6113 3. This allows you to use your existing protocols, easily switch to new protocols, and configure your engineering to be as flexible as your application.
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