Comprehensive integration of OPC UA in CODESYS

Kempten/Germany, November 2021: Users communicate with OPC UA protocols without leaving CODESYS.

RS232, Ethernet, numerous fieldbuses, and MQTT - the market-leading IEC 61131-3 tool CODESYS supports virtually all important communication protocols in the industrial environment. With the latest version, the Kempten-based automation specialists have completed the integrated OPC UA features in CODESYS.

Users can now import information models via XML file into a CODESYS project, create object and variable lists for control applications with just a few mouse clicks, and publish them via CODESYS OPC UA Server. In this way, industry-specific variable agreements, so-called companion specifications, can be very easily configured in CODESYS and exchanged via OPC UA. In addition, connected OPC UA clients can execute special functions of the PLC project as OPC UA methods and benefit from their intelligence. The CODESYS OPC UA Server now also offers a connection to the integrated recording of alarms and events in CODESYS according to OPC UA Alarms & Conditions.

With the current Service Pack 17 of CODESYS V3.5, users can deploy the already available OPC UA client in CODESYS even more conveniently: The intuitively operated data source manager now facilitates the connection of the client to any server, as well as the browsing and integration of published variables. The new function is integrated in the CODESYS HMI SL PC visualization as well as in CODESYS SoftPLCs, making it considerably easier for users to exchange data regardless of the manufacturer of their hardware.

At least on the server side, client/server communication via OPC UA requires high-performance controllers. However, the lean OPC UA Pub Sub protocol is also suitable for less powerful participants in the automation environment, such as field devices. The CODESYS OPC UA PubSub SL library has recently become available in the CODESYS Store and implements the protocol based on UDP. During implementation, an interface for time-synchronized communication protocols was provided from the start. Thus, CODESYS is well prepared to implement OPC UA-based fieldbuses such as OPC UA FX in the future and to complement the comprehensive range of fieldbuses in the platform.

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