CODESYS Automation Server: Many useful extensions

Kempten/Germany, November 2021: The award-winning Industry 4.0 platform CODESYS Automation Server for managing CODESYS-compatible PLCs has been comprehensively enhanced to simplify work for users even more.

At the end of 2019, we introduced the CODESYS Automation Server for managing CODESYS-compatible controllers. The Industry 4.0 platform instantly brought simplifications to everyday tasks, such as the central rollout of PLC applications and their updates. Many users are enthusiastic about the cloud-based server architecture.

In close exchange with users and through our own experience, we have identified a number of features that further increase the user value of the CODESYS Automation Server. Here is an overview of the most important newly implemented functions:

  • Display of web visualizations of integrated controllers from external networks via secured infrastructure
  • Remote maintenance of controllers and their applications via secured communication
  • Extended user administration with rights management for access to controllers, visualizations, data recording and analysis, etc.
  • Simplified overview of connected controllers in compact list view in addition to tile and topology view
  • Increased security when logging in through two-factor authentication
  • Additional access protection through support of user management on the controller
  • Simplified multiple licensing of controllers or add-on functions on controllers
  • Use of the CODESYS Automation Server with remote Git™ repositories

With the new functions, CODESYS Automation Server users manage their controllers even more conveniently and perform everyday tasks much more effectively.

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