CODESYS Group: Strong growth in sales in 2023

Kempten/Germany, February 2024: CODESYS Group starts the new financial year with a tailwind

The CODESYS Group reports record sales of EUR 43.5 million for the 2023 financial year - an increase of 12%. This gratifying growth was generated jointly by the Group headquarters in Kempten/Germany and the subsidiaries in China, Italy, and the USA. In total, the group has a workforce of more than 230 employees at all locations.

Which products will be in the focus this year? "CODESYS Virtual Control SL will play a major role in 2024," says founder and CEO Dieter Hess. "It offers our customers decisive advantages compared to classic PLCs, for example in terms of update management - and therefore enormous added value." There will even be a variant of this new CODESYS runtime system with safety certification in the second half of the year.

As far as the forecast for the current financial year is concerned, Dieter Hess paints a differentiated picture: On the one hand, he expects an economically challenging environment in which the market will stagnate or even decline slightly. Nevertheless, Hess is optimistic: "The labor shortage in all developed countries and the sustainability programs that are being launched at international level make it necessary to increase efficiency in our economy. And in order for this to happen, we need to further automate processes. CODESYS can make an important contribution here." Not to mention the supply chain problems that have persisted since the pandemic: "To avoid these, companies are becoming increasingly independent of specific hardware. And this is where CODESYS comes into play, because our software has been hardware-independent right from the start."

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