Extensive update for CODESYS Safety SIL2

Kempten/Germany, January 2023: New CODESYS Safety products according to IEC 61508: Pre-certified solution for Infineon CPU Aurix TC 39x and J1939 protocol library

The IEC 61131-3 automation suite CODESYS is well established in numerous industrial sectors, including the fields mobile machines and automated embedded systems. With the CODESYS Safety SIL2 add-on, manufacturers can certify their CODESYS-based control units, ECUs and PLCs for safety applications according to IEC 61508 for SIL2 or EN ISO 13849 up to PLd with significantly reduced effort.

A new feature is a pre-certification of the safety software for the Infineon CPU Aurix TC39x with a so-called Platform Support Package (PSP). With this solution, the safety application can be processed separately from the functional part on its own CPU core. This makes it possible to implement a "compound safety" solution.

The package includes

  • the CODESYS Control Toolkit for implementing the runtime system on the target device,
  • an add-on for the IDE,
  • the fully customized and TÜV Süd approved project files for the Aurix platform based on the tasking toolchain including tool validation,
  • the relevant safety documentation including integration testing to verify compliance with the functional safety requirements during final certification.

According to CODESYS GmbH, the PSP for the Aurix TC39x saves device manufacturers up to 4 person-years of development work when implementing a safety controller.

Another new feature of CODESYS Safety SIL2 is CAN communication of safety-critical data in accordance with SAE J1939 Safety. The protocol stack was implemented in the form of a device-independent CODESYS library. It is compiled together with the control project for the specific target system. The data is transferred to other participants by explicitly calling POUs within the application. This makes the use flexible. CODESYS J1939 Safety is the world's first implementation of the CAN safety protocol for ECUs, including for use in mobile machines.

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