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Podcast interview
CODESYS CTO Hilmar Panzer talks to Kai Binder from SPS Magazine.
Logo CODESYS CHIP Digital Innovator 2022
CODESYS is Chip Digital Innovator 2022
Germany's most innovative companies.
Patrik Hug CODESYS Group
New Head of Sales of the CODESYS Group
As of January 2022, Patrik Hug will take over the position of Head of Sales at CODESYS Group.
Management of the CODESYS Group
New management of the CODESYS Group
Dieter Hess and Manfred Werner, Founders and CEOs of the CODESYS Group, have appointed Hilmar Panzer to join them on the Executive Board. As of...
Keyvisual CODESYS Security
Log4j not used in CODESYS

Log4j is not used in any CODESYS product. None of our products are affected by CVE-2021-44228 or CVE-2021-45046.

More about CODESYS Security »

Cancellation SPS 2021
SPS Trade Show: Cancellation of Participation
CODESYS Group will not participate in the SPS Trade Show 2021.
Screenshot CODESYS OPC UA PubSub
Comprehensive integration of OPC UA in CODESYS
Kempten/Germany, November 2021: Users communicate with OPC UA protocols without leaving CODESYS.
Screenshot CODESYS Modularization
Modularization: faster updates, individual installations
Kempten/Germany, November 2021: Thanks to extensive modularization, users benefit more quickly from updates to the market-leading IEC 61131-3 tool and...
Screenshot functions CODESYS Git
CODESYS Git®: Connection of the widely used version management
Kempten/Germany, November 2021: The long-awaited connection of CODESYS to the popular version management system Git is now available.
CODESYS Multitool Automation Server
CODESYS Automation Server: Many useful extensions
Kempten/Germany, November 2021: The award-winning Industry 4.0 platform CODESYS Automation Server for managing CODESYS-compatible PLCs has been...