SPS Trade Show: Cancellation of Participation

CODESYS Group will not participate in the SPS Trade Show 2021.

For months, we have put a lot of work into the preparation of the SPS Trade Show. Our enthusiasm for the first in-person trade show since the beginning of 2020 was driven above all by the anticipation of finally being able to look you, our customers, in the eye again in person.

Now, however, the negative records regarding the pandemic have been coming thick and fast for weeks. The situation is getting worse every day, and our healthcare system is under extreme strain. We cannot and do not want to ignore this. Therefore, we have decided with a heavy heart not to participate in the SPS Trade Show this year.

With this decision, we want to help prevent the situation from becoming even worse. We also believe it is unacceptable to expose our employees to the health risks that participation in the trade show would entail. After all, there are things that are far more important than business.

Nevertheless, we are happy to get in touch with you. If you have a question or are planning a CODESYS project, just write to sps2021@codesys.com. Over a phone call or a video meeting, we will be happy to talk about your concerns.

We hope to finally be able to meet you again in person next year - hopefully under more relaxed conditions.

Stay healthy!

Your CODESYS Group