Release CODESYS V3.5 SP18

CODESYS V3.5 SP18 was released and is now available for download in the CODESYS Store.

The new version is ready for download at the CODESYS Store.

Vendors (device manufacturers) of CODESYS- compatible devices can find the associated release document in the CODESYS Customer Portal. The release information (content including release notes) can also be obtained from the CODESYS JIRA database.

A detailed overview of all new features and improvements can be found in the features & improvements presentation as well as in the CODESYS Feature Briefing 2022 Part I and Part II.

Overview of the highlights:

CODESYS Engineering

  • Usability improvements in the IEC-61131-3 editors and device communication
  • Improvements in the CODESYS Installer and Package Manager
  • Optimized project inspection when opening projects
  • Usability improvements in CODESYS Git, CODESYS UML, and CODESYS SVN
  • New wizard for unit tests in the CODESYS Test Manager
  • UTF-8 support of strings
  • Constant Generics
  • Refactoring improvements
  • Extension of the library IIoT Libraries SL


  • New free toolkit for Linux SoftPLC extension
  • New reference implementation for embedded runtimes
  • PLCopen safety library for IEC 61508 SIL2
  • Support of secure binding mechanisms in the runtime toolkit
  • Support of network, unit counter and performance licenses

CODESYS Security

  • Multi-client operations

CODESYS Visualization

  • Movable dialogs

CODESYS Motion CNC Robotics

  • Easier engineering of pick & place applications
  • Improved filter function for noisy encoder signals

CODESYS Fieldbus

  • Easier use of I/O data through symbolic access
  • Support of new EtherCAT safety modules with integrated safety I/Os
  • Building Automation library as open source

CODESYS Communication

  • Extended support of OPC UA Information Models
  • New editor for symbol configuration