Screenshot CODESYS Modularization
Modularization: faster updates, individual installations
Kempten/Germany, November 2021: Thanks to extensive modularization, users benefit more quickly from updates to the market-leading IEC 61131-3 tool and...
CODESYS Multitool Automation Server
CODESYS Automation Server: Many useful extensions
Kempten/Germany, November 2021: The award-winning Industry 4.0 platform CODESYS Automation Server for managing CODESYS-compatible PLCs has been...
Screenshot functions CODESYS Git
CODESYS Git: Connection of the widely used version management
Kempten/Germany, November 2021: The long-awaited connection of CODESYS to the popular version management system Git™ is now available.
Security CODESYS Automation Server
New security certificate for CODESYS Automation Server

The security of communication and data is our top priority with the CODESYS Automation Server. For this reason, we regularly have our IT security...

Preview Video CODESYS Git
Release CODESYS Git (video clip)
CODESYS Git out now and available in the CODESYS Store.
Picture CODESYS Release
Release CODESYS V3.5 SP17
CODESYS V3.5 SP17 was released and is now available for download in the CODESYS Store.
Let’s talk CODESYS: First-hand information
Kempten/Germany, March 2021: Webinars and individual conversations with CODESYS experts on a virtual platform
Keyvisual CODESYS GmbH
CODESYS Group: Solid revenues in a challenging market environment
Kempten/Germany, March 2021: CODESYS Group has ambitious plans for 2021.
CODESYS Engineering keyvisual
Delta Electronics® extends software DIAStudio Plus

The integrated engineering software provides an all-in-one platform for selecting devices, programming, and setting up PLCs, HMIs, drives, and other...

Intuitive data analysis in the CODESYS Automation Server

Now available: Comfortable data recording and analysis in the Industry 4.0 platform CODESYS Automation Server

The CODESYS Automation Server is the...