CODESYS Professional Developer Edition

CODESYS Professional Developer Edition: Standard functionalities known from high-level language programming, integrated in the IEC 61131-3 programming tool CODESYS Development System.

Efficient Application Development

Efficient Application Development with integrated Add-Ons in the IEC 61131-3 Development System


For professional IT developers it is standard practice to use add-on tools to simplify the development process. The integrated tools of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition offer powerful functions to help you increase the efficiency and quality of your industrial application.

The CODESYS Professional Developer Edition is a software suite which consists of add-on tools for the optimization of the development process. It includes a connection to the version control system SVN, a static code analysis tool, integrated UML editors as well as tools for test automation and tools for the measurement of execution times (profiling). All CODESYS Professional Developer Edition Tools were designed on the basis of well-known and established standards and tools from the C/C++ world. They can be used individually and are all fully integrated in CODESYS.


  • Well-known techniques from the C/C++ world make the tools intuitive to use and significantly reduce the learning curve.
  • Quality of the created program code is improved
  • Analysis and debugging support
  • An increase in productivity in every phase of software development
  • All tools are directly integrated in CODESYS.


Integrating UML (Unified Modeling Language) directly into the development environment: The next logical step after the successful introduction of object orientation in CODESYS and the IEC 61131-3.


  • Class diagram (design and display of object-oriented project structures. Due to updates of all changes, project and diagram remain consistent.
  • State chart - finite state machines as additional graphical language for POUs. Direct interface to the code generator without intermediate ST source code

More information and a demo version available in the CODESYS Store



Integrated connection to the software versioning system Apache Subversion®.


  • Central storage of CODESYS projects in one database
  • Version history and multi-user access at object level
  • Parallel development in branches
  • Visual compare function (change notice) in all language editors
  • Automatic or manual joining of simultaneous changes performed by different users on the same object
  • Functionality seamlessly integrated in CODESYS, based on common tools such as Tortoise SVN

More information and a demo version available in the CODESYS Store


CODESYS Static Analysis

Perform a source code check on the basis of defined rules and threshold values, in addition to the syntax check of the compiler.


  • Static analysis of IEC 61131-3 code directly in the PLC development system reveals potential programming errors in the application code at an early stage
  • Many analysis rules, some of which can be parameterized, available
  • Combination of these rules to form individual rule sets possible
  • Integrated testing of coding guidelines and naming conventions
  • Numerous metrics for code evaluation

More information and a demo version available in the CODESYS Store

CODESYS Profiler

CODESYS Profiler introduces as part of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition the means for software and application developers to perform detailed runtime assessments of IEC 61131-3 application tasks in advance.


  • Measurement of application runtime on controllers with CODESYS Control Runtime
  • Display of the results, among other things with
    • Complete and relative time in a call
    • Visualization of the critical time path in a display
    • Number of calls
  • Export of results in CSV format

More information and a demo version available in CODESYS Store.


CODESYS Test Manager

With CODESYS Test Manager, you can perform automated application tests in the IEC 61131-3 programming system.


  • Automated testing of applications and components in the CODESYS Development System
  • Structured storage and management of test scripts and test reports (e.g. for different projects)
  • Test reports in HTML-format for viewing and in XML-format for automated evaluation
  • Successfully used for many years in the development process of CODESYS products

More information and a demo version available in CODESYS Store.



CODESYS Profiler

Published 14.07.2015
Get familiar with the new add-on tool CODESYS Profiler designed to help you analyze the runtime of your controller application. Find out how you can profit from the methodical support when developing your IEC 61131-3 controller applications.



CODESYS Static Analysis

Published 30.06.2015
We will show you how to test the quality of your application using the integrated add-on “CODESYS Static Analysis“. Find out how to prove that the defined coding guidelines and naming conventions are followed.



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The CODESYS Professional Developer Edition Tools are available for all platforms from CODESYS V3.5 upwards. You can use them individually or combine them as desired.

The tools can be purchased in the CODESYS Store. For some of them, free demo versions for testing puposes are available.

Each tool requires a workstation license - this also applies for the free demo versions. These licences are saved on a USB dongle - the so-called CODESYS Security Key. This dongle is not part of the delivery, but can be purchased separately in the CODESYS Store. Generally, one CODESYS Security Key per workstation is sufficient - several thousand licensed can be saved on one key.

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