CODESYS Automation Server Everything under Control

The Industry 4.0 platform for industrial automation

The "CODESYS Automation Server" will in future complete the CODESYS product portfolio as the third fundamental product line along with the already well-established CODESYS Runtime and CODESYS Engineering products. As Industry 4.0 platform, it simplifies typical tasks that were very difficult to accomplish until now.

The CODESYS Automation Server displays all information in the browser of a PC, tablet or smartphone, thus enabling simple administration and commanding - while of course complying with IT security. Through a ticket system, orders can be passed on in a targeted and secure manner.


Easy overview of your own control landscape

including information on topology, status, network addresses, current project, boot application, and application parameters

Control-specific functions

such as automatic backup / restore of the application software, certificate management, firmware update, user management, rollout of application changes

Continuous Integration processes

with Build Server to create the boot application, static code analysis to avoid potential application errors, profiling for runtime analysis of the PLC program, unit tests for function testing

Central tool data storage

with repositories for devices, libraries etc., as well as installations of the CODESYS Development System

Implementation of individual, specific services on an online server platform

using a practice-oriented framework for the CODESYS Automation Server

Easy logging and analysis of process data and events

Presentation of the Automation Server at the CODESYS Technology Day

Everything under Control:
Factories, buildings or plants with numerous controllers and projects are difficult to oversee and maintain. In his presentation, Kevin Ketterle, Head of the Core Technology Department at the CODESYS Group, shows how the CODESYS Automation Server solves these difficulties by providing a perfect overview of a control network and facilitating the exchange of applications and devices, the configuration of new units, the transmission of maintenance orders and much more.

Please find more videos from the CODESYS Technology Day in the CODESYS YouTube channel.

Screenshots CODESYS Automation Server


Another Server for Industry 4.0?

The CODESYS Automation Server acts as a central component of the automation architecture. The new platform masters the everyday problems of machine operators and thus stands out from other server platforms.

Read the complete article "Another server for Industry 4.0 - What does the CODESYS Automation Server offer to machine operators and users?" from Roland Wagner (Head of Product Marketing, CODESYS Group), published in the German IEE magazine in September 2018 »