Automation Server: Control technology under control thanks to cloud support

Out of sight, out of mind - this is not a good strategy for delivered machines and systems. With the Automation Server, CODESYS GmbH, Kempten, therefore offers control management from the cloud. Updating new releases of the application software and - in the near future - also the firmware is thus possible remotely and the current status is always transparent, says Martin Decker, Product Owner CODESYS Automation Server at CODESYS Group. On the machine side, only an edge gateway is required.

electro AUTOMATION: Control management via Internet-based remote access - does this model prevail in pandemic times?

Martin Decker (CODESYS Group): We have definitely launched the Automation Server at the right time - the pandemic has certainly promoted the acceptance of Internet technologies. More importantly, however, the software addresses some of the problems that machine and plant manufacturers have been trying to solve for some time. Once the machines have been delivered, various locations have to be monitored - which is why the basic idea behind the Automation Server is to create an administration platform for machine and plant operators, so that they can manage their machinery or control landscape from a central location.

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This article also appeared in elektro Automation, issue 02 (April) | 22, pp. 64-67. It is only available in German language.

Interview: Michael Corban, Editor-in-chief elektro AUTOMATION