CODESYS Virtual Control – the next evolutionary step in control technology

The runtime in the container offers instant solutions to parts shortages, delivery problems, and increased prices. IT integration, scalability, flexibility, and microservices result in completely new possibilities that were unthinkable with native PLCs.

How do users benefit from the innovation and what makes it stand out?

At first glance, CODESYS Virtual Control as a containerized runtime is just that - a runtime in a container. Nevertheless, major differences from conventional, native controllers are emerging from this innovation. Containerization makes the new control solution completely hardware-independent. Instances of the runtime environment can now also be run on high-performance IT servers, for example, enabling entire production lines to be controlled centrally. Accordingly, dozens of native PLCs can be replaced by one centralized system. IT methods and tools make it much easier to set up and maintain the control landscape. New instances of the virtual runtime can be set up and shut down on demand - in seconds.

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Author: Domenik Vögel, Product Marketing, CODESYS GmbH