CODESYS supports LoongArch CPUs

Kempten, October 2022: The market-leading IEC 61131-3 platform CODESYS supports the processors known as LoongArch from the Chinese company Loongson.

Most of the approximately 1,000 CODESYS-compatible industrial controllers are based on ARM or Intel architectures. In addition, the Kempten-based automation software specialists also support other platforms for industry-specific and regional target markets.

A new feature is the support of the latest LoongArch CPUs from Loongson. The product offering includes an integrated compiler in the CODESYS Development System, that allows users to generate executable code from their IEC 61131-3 application by mouse click. For device manufacturers, the matching runtime system CODESYS Control under Linux is available. It can be embedded in the target hardware with virtually no additional effort. All functions known in CODESYS are supported by the system, for example the use of fieldbuses with the integrated configurators, as well as the associated protocol stacks in the form of platform-independent libraries. Other available functions: Visualization via web browser or an additional low-level driver also on integrated displays, as well as support for motion, CNC, and robotics functions. Due to the performance data of the LoongArch CPU, applications at the level of industrial PCs can be realized.

With the CODESYS Control Runtime Toolkit for the LoongArch CPUs, device manufacturers implement the support of corresponding platforms. The release of the platform is planned for early 2023. In the medium term, a compatible SoftPLC will also be available in the CODESYS Store, enabling users to perform system integration on device platforms with LoongArch CPUs themselves.

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