Press Releases SPS 2022

Here you can download the press releases published by CODESYS Group and the co-exhibitors in the run-up to the SPS fair.



CODESYS supports LoongArch CPUs

Kempten, October 2022: The market-leading IEC 61131-3 platform CODESYS supports the processors known as LoongArch from the Chinese company Loongson.

Most of the approximately 1,000 CODESYS-compatible industrial controllers are based on ARM or Intel architectures. In addition, the Kempten-based automation software specialists also support other platforms for industry-specific and regional target markets.
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Altus Sistemas de Informatica SA

Altus has been delivering solutions to customers and partners from different sectors of the industry for 40 years. From very s mall systems to complex applications, Altus range of products can meet all demands of the market, delivering features that fill each and every element required by the customers’ needs. Acting globally, the company is constantly evolving in order to be competitive and to add value to its partner’s business. 
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Berghof Automation GmbH

Berghofs kompakte Kraftpakete auf Basis Raspberry Pi

Vorhang auf für die B-Nimis MC Pi-Prime – die neue CODESYS Industriesteuerung auf Basis Raspberry Pi von Berghof, die in Sachen Leistung trotz äußerst kompakter Abmessungen in ganz neue Dimensionen vorstößt. Ebenfalls neu und mit offenem Raspberry Pi OS: Der B-Nimis BC-Pi, die hoch performante und flexible IPC-Lösung zur Realisierung Ihrer IIOT-, Motion- und Automatisierungsprojekte.
Mit den Raspberry basierten Serien B-Nimis MC-Pi und B-Nimis BC-Pi bietet Berghof, CODESYS Partner der ersten Stunde, nicht nur hoch-performante CODESYS Steuerungen, sondern auch flexible IPC-Lösungen.
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ICT Group

CT-Electronics upgrades Machine Specific Controllers to Industry 4.0

ICT-Electronics is specialized in upgrading machine specific controllers to the next generation. Upgrading is driven by the need for an improved User Interface, improved machine communication or additional functionality. Upgrading the existing controller results in other limitation. This is the moment that your controller needs make a step to the next generation.  
ICT-Electronics has developed the Machine Control Platform (MCP). With this platform ICT-Electronics can easily realize your machine specific controller, and migrate your control application and user interface to your next generation controller.
ICT-Electronics has the hardware, software and production knowledge necessary to deliver your controller with future-proof functionality!
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Larraioz Electrónica Industrial S.L.

Larraioz Elektronika will be presenting in the SPS 2022 of Nuremberg to "Larraioz Basque Automation", the brand of CPU's made in Europe that ensures your supply in times of crisis.
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artificial intelligence makes codesys plc self-learning

collecting data and their influencing factors, generating forecasts from them and creating a self-optimising plc: the WICKIE M system from mrm² automatisierungstechnik gmbh uses artificial intelligence for demand-oriented and self-learning control of automation processes in building management.
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Selmo Technology GmbH

Maschinenprogrammierung auf den Kopf gestellt!

Ein steirisches Scale-up mit dem Potential, die Industrie 4.0 zu verändern.

Selmo Technology GmbH ist ein steirisches Scale-up mit Sitz im Businesspark Dobl (Nähe Graz, Österreich) hat mit dem Standard ein "Betriebssystem für Maschinen" entwickelt, das Industrieanlagen vollständig, fehlerfrei und verlässlich macht.
Selmo denkt die Programmierung von Maschinen neu, damit die Software nie wieder der Grund für teuer Ausfälle ist. Seit 1998 ist die Innovation von Selmo, des „Sequence Logic Modelling“ im Entstehen und ist heute die einzige Lösung am Markt, die den Zufall aus der Maschine bringt. Als die einzig echte Alternative zur manuellen Programmierung, bietet Selmo einen Standard der eine universell – einheitliche Struktur im Programm schafft, eine transparente Kommunikation zwischen Maschinenanwender, Maschinenbauer und SPS Programmierer gewährleistet und die einfache Bedienung der Maschine automatisch umsetzt.
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SIListra Systems GmbH

Hardware-Independent Safety-Solution: For the first time at the SPS 2022 in Nuremberg

New solution for your sustainable next-generation safety platform

SIListra Systems GmbH based in Dresden is in the year 2022 for the first-time exhibitor on the SPS in Nuremberg. The company presents itself as part of the leading trade fair for smart and digital automation in hall 7 booth 580 in the CODESYS pavilion. SIListra Systems’ experts are available for questions and answers about the SIListra Safety Transformer. They explain how to develop safety controllers without redundant hardware channels with standard hardware (COTS). SIListra Systems’ presents the solution LIVE at the booth and shows also a prototype of such a platform developed together with CODESYS. Visitors can discuss their safety applications with SIListra Systems’ experts and get to know the benefits and advantages of this new and sophisticated technology.
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Technical University of Munich

Adaptive software architectures for control software to achieve intelligent, evolvable production systems

As manufacturing systems operate for decades and evolve due to physical changes and new market de-mands, it is not enough to support their efficient initial mechatronic development. Instead, evolution and refactoring of existing automation architectures are essential. Accordingly, the Institute of Automation and Information Systems focuses on the development and evolution of adaptive software architectures for IEC 61131-3 based control software:
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