Good to Know

Editing column by column

Press the ALT key and use the mouse to select columns in the declaration part or in text editors. Texts marked in this way can be deleted or edited in one go, e.g. by typing in new variable names.

CODESYS Clip: Editing column by column

Screenshot CODESYS Quick declaration of variables
Quick declaration of variables with standard data types

To quickly create BOOL variables, use [Variable Name] <Ctrl> + <Enter> in the declaration part of the program editors.

If you want to declare variables of type UINT, INT, WORD, DINT, LINT, STRING, TIME or REAL, add the first letter of the type after the variable name and Space, and then also press <Ctrl> + <Enter>.

CODESYS Clip: Quick declaration of variables with standard data types

Visualization styles
In case you want to be able to quickly and easily switch the look and feel of a visualization to quite different requirements, use visualization styles.
F4 Key

If the project cannot be translated due to syntactic errors or if there are other messages in the message window, you can systematically process the list of messages by pressing F4. CODESYS immediately jumps to the place in the source code belonging to the message.

Online Config Mode CODESYS
Online Config Mode
With the Online Config Mode you can test the wiring and function of configured I/Os or drives before having written a real application. Right-click on the device tree and select "Online Config Mode".