Flexible, adaptable tube filler:

Schneider Electric Automation GmbH / Marktheidenfeld / Germany

Modern technology for a wide range of applications

OYSTAR IWK presents the FP 18-1, an attractively priced tube filler that can be supplemented with options for a wide range of applications.

This machine represents the company’s first use of PacDrive 3, the latest generation of the proven PacDrive automation technology from Schneider Electric. OYSTAR IWK of Stutensee, Germany, is a well-known global manufacturer of packaging machinery. Within the OYSTAR Group, whose portfolio covers virtually every area of application for packaging machines, OYSTAR IWK produces tube fillers and cartoners, while also offering complete, single-source packaging solutions.

Fastest single lane tube filler on the market

OYSTAR IWK has consistently attracted industry-wide attention with its machines. Last year, for example, the trade press ran a report on the TFS 80-8, the fastest tube filler on the market. The company has set records in the medium performance range as well: According to a company publication, the FP 18-1 has an output of up to 122 tubes per minute, making it the fastest adjustable single lane tube filler currently on the market. It delivers the performance level of many double-lane tube fillers with similar space requirements, while offering greater flexibility and freedom when integrating additional stations: The system requires the integration of only one station instead of two, a feature which increases the normally limited space around the tube transport system and provides greater flexibility for additional options.

The FP 18-1 can process plastic tubes as well as metal and laminate tubes, in content sizes ranging from 1.5 mL to 400 mL. This volume is due to the machine’s ability to handle tube lengths of 60 to 250 mm and tube diameters of 10 to 60 mm (for metal tubes, the maximum is 50 mm). It is the first model in a completely new generation of machines, and displays many of the design elements found in the high-performance range. With this machine type, OYSTAR IWK plans to offer the market a powerful machine that can be adapted to demanding requirements through a number of additional options, while maintaining an affordable base model. OYSTAR IWK promises "a powerful and ergonomic tube filler at an attractive price." (...)

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