LP-Dispenser ADU 01

ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH / Dornstadt / Germany


The automatic dispensation unit ADU (ASYS Dispenser Unit) serves to apply almost arbitrary sticking or sealing lacquers on PCBs. The PCBs run on a conveyor belt into the machine and there they are accurately aligned and held on through several clamping and centring devices. A gluer which can be moved by the built-in X/Y/Z portal system, applies glue on the destined component of the PCB.

To enable a maximum degree of flexibility while working on a component, the movement of the dispensation procedure can be predefined with the CNC editor according to DIN 66025.by the customer.


  • CoDeSys SP RTE
  • CoDeSys SoftMotion CNC controlling an H-portal (without riding gears)
  • Axis positioning by external DIN66025 file
  • Communication with PLC Program via notches (H-order)


  • digital and analog I/O’s via CANopen
  • access to the axis controller of JAT (Ecostep 100 (Z-axis) and Ecostep 200(X/Y portal)) via CANopen, too
  • 2-channel PEAK-CAN interface card built in the computer
  • Connection to customer network for LogFile- deposition / Backup / remote maintenance via Ethernet


  • integrated CoDeSys HMI .
  • multilingualism via dynamic texts from XML-Files.
  • DIN programming via integrated graphic editor possible.

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