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CODESYS Wrap-up Q1/2024: V3.5 SP20

In this new video, Roland Wagner, our Head of Product Marketing, explains important releases and updates to our new Service Pack.

The changes involve the Engineering, Runtime, Visualization, Motion/CNC/Robotics, Fieldbus, and Communication product areas. You will also find important information about the new lifecycle management in CODESYS. And you will find out which important public award CODESYS Virtual Safe Control SL has won. In 10 minutes, you will learn the latest important news about CODESYS. If you want to know in detail and have more time, take a look at the Feature Briefing Spring 2024.

CODESYS Feature Briefing Spring 2024

What’s new in CODESYS?
Which new features can you look forward to? What can they actually do for you? What are the ongoing developments? If this is what you want to know, the online CODESYS Feature Briefing is the right event for you.

This playlist contains all feature briefings.