CODESYS Release Plan & Roadmap

CODESYS is continually being enhanced. New products and add-ons are developed, new functionality is added, and bugs are fixed. The table below shows our current release calendar and gives you an overview of the upcoming releases and updates. The table can be sorted alphabetically by product name or chronologically by release date.

For a more detailed overview of the individual products please refer to our Roadmap (PDF, status 03/2024).

Software development and the underlying processes are complex and cannot always be precisely estimated. Unfortunately, short-term changes in planning due to unexpected events cannot be completely ruled out. To enable you to plan as reliably as possible, we have color-coded the dates in the table accordingly.

low (high uncertainty > 1 month)
medium (+/- 1 month)
high (< 1 week)
Product name Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Later