CODESYS WebVisu – Visualization Software in the Internet Browser

Visualization screens created in the CODESYS Development System can be operated using the internet browser.


CODESYS WebVisu – Visualization in the Internet Browser with HTML5

With a controller, equipped with the CODESYS WebVisu you can comfortably visualize your CODESYS screens optimized in a web browser, whenever and wherever you want.


  • Optional extension (as a product component) of a CODESYS controller for displaying visualization screens in a web browser
  • Integrated responsive design functionality to optimize the display of information for different web based display device types
  • Browser communication with the web server using Java script optionally with SSL decryption
  • Visualization using HTML5 CanvasElement
    ⇒ Almost all browsers supported, e.g. also under iOS, Android etc.

How to use the CODESYS WebVisu:

  • The optional product component CODESYS web server has to be implemented in the CODESYS Control Runtime System.
    ⇒ Extension can only be implemented by the device manufacturer
  • Create an object “WebVisualization” in the Visualization Manager
  • Define

    • the starting object of the visualization
    • the homepage for the web browser
    • some of the required parameters

  • Enter the visualization homepage URL in the address bar of the internet browser on the display device


More information about CODESYS TargetVisu and CODESYS HMI.


How can you obtain the CODESYS WebVisu?

  • You are a system integrator or a user in the machine/plant construction sector or the like:
    All you need is a controller equipped with the CODESYS WebVisu (for example from the CODESYS Device Directory) or a SoftPLC like CODESYS Control RTE with a WebVisu license.
    The required visualization license is already included in the target device.
  • You are a manufacturer of programmable devices:
    Implement the CODESYS Control Runtime System with the option CODESYS WebVisu
  • For more information or an offer please contact our sales department under sales(at) .
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