Visualization screens created in the CODESYS Development System can be operated using the internet browser

Visualization in the Internet Browser via HTML5

A controller with integrated CODESYS WebVisu allows for an optimized display of your CODESYS screens throughout the world via web browser.


In the video you can see a live demonstration of the CODESYS WebVisu at the CODESYS Technology Day 2018.


  • Optional extension (as a product component of the runtime system) of a CODESYS controller for displaying visualization screens/user interfaces in a web browser
  • Integrated responsive design functionality to optimize the display of information for different web based display device types
  • Browser communication with the web server using JavaScript optionally with TLS encryption
  • Visualization using HTML5 CanvasElement
    ⇒ Almost all browsers supported, e.g. also under iOS, Android etc.

How to use the CODESYS WebVisu

  • The optional product component CODESYS web server has to be implemented in the CODESYS Control Runtime System.
    ⇒ Extension can only be implemented by the device manufacturer
    Alternatively: Use of SoftPLC systems in the CODESYS Store, in which CODESYS WebVisu is already implemented or can be optionally licensed.
  • Create an object “WebVisualization” in the Visualization Manager
  • Define
    • the starting object of the visualization
    • the homepage for the web browser
    • some of the required parameters
  • Call up the start page using the IP address/domain name of the controller in the address line of the Internet browser on the display device, e.g. '' or 'http://[DomainName]:[PortAdress]/webvisu.htm'


  • You are a system integrator or a user in the machine/plant construction sector or the like:
    Use a controller with CODESYS WebVisu. Millions of CODESYS-compatible single devices and over 1,000 different device types from more than 500 manufacturers offer you a large range of hardware for your automation projects. CODESYS Inside offers a selection of manufacturers that offer CODESYS-compatible devices. Alternatively, you can use a SoftPLC for standard platforms from the CODESYS Store with integrated WebVisu license, such as CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL or CODESYS Control for Linux SL. For some platforms the CODESYS WebVisu is an option requiring a license. In some of these systems, the visualization license is already included or can be easily added.
  • You are a manufacturer of programmable devices:
    Implement the CODESYS Control Runtime System with the option CODESYS WebVisu
  • For more information or an offer please contact our sales department under


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CODESYS - One software. Any field of application. Your automation platform.
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