CODESYS Virtual Safe Control

Virtual safety controller in accordance with IEC 61508 SIL3 for any platform with container technology

Safe virtual control without hardware binding

Virtualization reduces the dependency on dedicated devices. A virtualized, dual-channel safety controller can now also be implemented without a defined, dual-channel hardware substructure. For this purpose, the processing of the application software is divided into two logical software channels, using "Diversified Encoding", which is based on the well-known "Coded Processing" method.


CODESYS Virtual Safe Control SL: Product of the Year 2024

The readers of the German trade magazine "Computer & Automation" have voted for their Product of the Year 2024:

In the "Control and Engineering" category, the first place goes to CODESYS Virtual Safe Control SL. Our new product will soon allow for SIL3-certified safety controllers to be implemented - without certified hardware. Other features of the winning product: Dual-channel execution via coded processing, hardware independence on any architecture with container - if required multiple times on one single hardware and with scalable performance.

CODESYS Virtual Safe Control SL will be available from mid-2024.

We thank everyone who gave us their vote!


  • 1st channel: execution of the implemented security application in the original
  • 2nd channel: execution of the safety application with the Coded Processing algorithms - including initial error detection
  • Execution of both channels: in one process, sequentially one after the other on one CPU core
  • Permanent comparison: as with hardware solutions for functional safety
  • Diversified Encoding: distribution of safe inputs to both channels or merging of outputs from both channels into safe outputs, including data streams generated by safe network or fieldbus protocols
  • Further robust safety criterion: continuous monitoring of the control flow in the encoded channel at runtime of the safety application
  • Supported fieldbus systems: PROFISafe (F-Host), EtherCAT Safety (FSoE®)
  • Perfect addition to functional virtual controllers. Further information »
  • Joint safety concept from CODESYS in cooperation with SIListra Systems GmbH approved by TÜV SÜD
  • Release / certification on x86 based platforms planned for summer 2024

Processing of the safety application in two separate software channels using Coded Processing


Engineering in the CODESYS Development System:

  • Prerequisite: "CODESYS Safety Extension" add-on installed
  • Deployment of virtual controllers via image on the target hardware by the user - number and scope (functional or safe virtual controller) depending on the performance reserves of the target system
  • Currently supported deployment tools:
    • CODESYS Development System with installed add-on "Deploy Control SL"
    • CODESYS Automation Server (if hosted on-premises on the target system)
    • For Linux experts: SSH tool with the appropriate Linux commands/script files

Engineering of the functional controller in the CODESYS Development System with a virtual safety controller as a child application to the functional PLC


You will soon be able to test the virtual safety controller for yourself!

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CODESYS - One software. Any field of application. Your automation platform.
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