Communication via fieldbus systems and Industrial Ethernet

Sensors and actuators/actuators for processing control tasks can be separated from the controller via fieldbus and Ethernet systems with industrial communication protocols. CODESYS supports a wide range of common fieldbus systems with integrated configurators and protocol stacks in the form of platform-independent libraries.

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Overview of the supported protocols:

How can you use fieldbus support in CODESYS?

You are a system integrator or a user in the machine/plant construction sector or the like:

  • Use controllers that are equipped with the integrated CODESYS fieldbus support.
  • The CODESYS Device Directory helps you select the adequate hardware.
  • You can also use the CODESYS Control SoftPLC systems from the CODESYS Store as an alternative.
  • The most common fieldbus systems can be used immediately.

You are a manufacturer of programmable devices:

  • Purchase the CODESYS Runtime Toolkit with fieldbus support