chimæra Lu750 - control panel solutions for printing machines

Biviator AG / Mörigen / Switzerland


Biviator and Lüscher Maschinenbau jointly developed the Codesys-programmable ChimaeraPLC (programmable logic controller) and HMI (human machine interface) for the Lithoman S offset printing machine. While the engineering process, the PLC was extended by a second CAN communication circle. Additionally, a pixel-clock card with a fiber optics interface was included into the controller’s housing.

From the basic idea to have a cost-effective PLC and HMI solution in one device, the Chimaera Lu750 controller was developed, which is a version of Biviator‘s customizable Chimaera Embsys adapted to the machine manufacturer’srequirements. The system features a 100-Mbit Ethernet interface, a file system and two USB host ports for connection to the PC world.


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