CODESYS Automation Server – Pilot project "Car Wash"

Inasoft GmbH integrates the CODESYS Automation Server in the car wash facilities from Autowaschtechnik AWT AG .


Autowaschtechnik AWT AG specializes in high-quality, largely automated textile car wash facilities. The Swiss-based company understands itself as a full range supplier, supplying the complete product range from a single source. The service covers the ongoing maintenance of the supplied car washes as well as the delivery of the operating system for the automation of the plant.

In Switzerland alone, more than 30 AWT locations have been implemented by now. The automation of the car washes with CODESYS was realized by Inasoft GmbH, long-time CODESYS System Partner.


The car washes, along with self-service and vacuum cleaning stations, will be built on a turnkey basis. Maintenance contracts ensure the smooth functioning of the systems. During maintenance, wearing parts are automatically replaced, and new developments or improvements are implemented in existing systems. This ensures consistently good washing results, avoids downtimes, and helps maintaining the value of the systems.


From the outset, it was clear that the CODESYS Automation Server would play a key role when it comes to managing the car washes distributed throughout Europe. It was also clear that a new system of this size would have to be thoroughly tested before being rolled out to all car washes. A three-stage plan provides for the gradual implementation of the concept through Inasoft with the support of a team of experts from the CODESYS Group:

  1. Connecting a test system at Inasoft
  2. Connecting one to two reference installations
  3. Connecting the other car washes

The first step has now been successfully completed. The goal of implementing a test system has been achieved. Inasoft is familiar with the functional principle of the CODESYS Automation Server and can now proceed with the connection of the reference systems.

More information about how the car wash project has progressed will be published soon.