A successful CODESYS Technology Day 2023

Kempten/Germany May 2023: 500 guests from all over the world at major CODESYS Group symposium

On May 10, 2023, the CODESYS Technology Day took place in Kempten/Allgäu. With 500 guests from all over the world, the conference hosted by the CODESYS Group was booked to capacity.

In addition to presentations on current topics such as virtual controls, cloud-based development environments, modularization, and machine simulation, the event program included keynotes by Dr. Henning Löser (Audi AG) and Dr. Jochen Wendebaum (Packsize Technologies AB). Speakers from the partner companies REINHOLZ Software & Technology GmbH, mrm² Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, and 3S-Systems GmbH gave impressive demonstrations of how CODESYS is used in practice - among other things for the production of launch vehicles for satellites or for drilling virtual holes in underground mining.

During the breaks, participants engaged in a lively exchange of ideas. Experts from CODESYS also awaited the guests at ten info points where they provided news on the latest developments in product areas such as Motion CNC Robotics, CODESYS Go!, or Engineering. The opportunity to ask the experts questions was used extensively by the guests.

The hospitality gift caused amazement and amusement: CODESYS janitor Bruno Frajda had gone into production with his CODESYS-powered CNC machine before the Technology Day. Output: A barbecue tong with integrated bottle opener for each participant. The use cases of CODESYS are inexhaustible...

So the 2nd CODESYS Technology Day flew by. With plenty of new ideas in mind, the guests started their journey home. "Welcome to the future of automation" - was the final comment of an enthusiastic visitor on this special day.

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