Audi uses virtual CODESYS control

Kempten/Germany, April 2024: AUDI AG will operate production lines with server-based control systems in the future. The aim is to exploit the numerous advantages of control virtualization with CODESYS - for functional and safe controllers.

Audi is one of the most successful manufacturers of cars and motorcycles in the premium and luxury segment. The Edge Cloud 4 Production project was launched to optimize production and the necessary processes for the benefit of automotive customers. One of the most important steps in this direction at present is the virtualization of control technology.

For CODESYS, independence from the control hardware has always been a main focus. Knowing this, Audi chose the automation specialists from Kempten as their partner for PLC virtualization. And so project teams from Audi and CODESYS have worked their way from feasibility studies and initial practical demos to prototypes and finally to production cells that have already produced real body parts in the pilot stage.

An important milestone on the road to partnership is the implementation of the Volkswagen Audi Seat Skoda Standard (VASS) for the development of control applications. The implementation of this standard with CODESYS is currently in progress. Once the standard is implemented, CODESYS can be selected as a supplier to the Volkswagen Group for future vehicle projects.

"Audi using CODESYS in production would be the first time our product is deployed by a major car manufacturer. This will allow us to prove that hardware-independent automation also works on a large scale," says Dieter Hess, founder and CEO of the CODESYS Group.

"CODESYS is an important technology partner for us. Thanks to the partnership-based cooperation and good chemistry, we were able to make great progress on the project in a short space of time," confirms Dr. Markus Wunsch, Head of Technology Development Production / Logistics at AUDI AG. "Following successful piloting, we are planning the first production line based on virtual control in the next few years."

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