CODESYS V3.5 SP20 Release

CODESYS V3.5 SP20 was released and is now available for download in the CODESYS Store.

The new version is ready for download at the CODESYS Store.

The corresponding release documents can be downloaded under CODESYS Release Information.
A detailed overview of all new features and improvements can be found in the features & improvements presentation.

Overview of the highlights:


  • New Ladder Diagram editor
  • Project Compare for object properties
  • Improved License Manager
  • New License Provider
  • Scripting feature for CODESYS Git
  • Improved CODESYS Installer
  • Setup support for device manufacturers via Deployment Server
  • New CODESYS String Library package
  • New Offline Help


  • Support of Application-Based Licenses
  • Flow Control rework

Automation Server

  • Device log
  • Facelift Automation Server Connector
  • Improved start page
  • Remote application control: Reset, start, stop
  • File transfer via WebVisu
  • Edge Gateway replacement


  • Swiping frames
  • Snaplines in visualization editor
  • Container size
  • Alarm definition for types
  • Blinking of elements

Motion CNC Robotics

  • Trigger points on the path to robotics
  • Override functionality for single axis function blocks
  • New drivers for CODESYS SoftMotion


  • Improvements in the device editor
  • Specific improvements in the support of EtherNet/IP, CAN (CANopen / J1939) and PROFINET


  • New product: CODESYS DNP3
  • OPC UA improvements
  • BACnet improvements