CODESYS Qualification Kit for SIL3 Package released

The integration and engineering of certified safety controllers in a CODESYS project with the CODESYS Safety Runtime is not part of the standard functional scope of the CODESYS Development System. In order to enable this functionality, the manufacturers of safety controllers have extended the CODESYS Development System with special safety plug-in components and released the adapted system for their controllers.

Use cases for the Qualification Kit:

  • The safety controller is to be used with a different standard controller for the operating function than during certification. The CODESYS Development System supplied for this purpose lacks the required safety plug-in components.
  • Device manufacturers or users add their own plug-in components to the certified version of the CODESYS Development System, e.g. by using the CODESYS Automation Platform or a development service offer. Versions customized in this way are no longer certified.

The solution: CODESYS Qualification Kit for SIL3 Package

  • The Qualification Kit allows for the enabling and qualification of a customized CODESYS Development System for the engineering of CODESYS Safety (for SIL3) safety controllers.
  • The qualification for safety projects can be proven during the release of safety applications or for TÜV certification.
  • Versions of the CODESYS Development System and of safety plug-in components other than the ones used in the originally certified version of the CODESYS Development System from the safety device manufacturer can also be used.


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