MOBA Drilling System MDS-2000

MOBA Mobile Automation AG / Limburg / Germany

Designed for use in the rough environment of a stone quarry or in special foundation construction (road construction, slope reinforcement, surface blasting,) the MDS-2000 Drilling System not only reduces wear (e.g. drilling head) of the machine but also allows efficient resource planning, exact processing and quick accounting of a project.

Functional principle

Sensors collect all incoming drilling data as for example the size of the drill hole, the drilling angle, the time for drilling a hole or a project – i.e.- the complete data logging of the drill hole as well as the motor data management. Thanks to the system’s modular concept customer requirements can be individually met. With the help of the MOBA USB-100 drilling data can be stored on a standard USB stick.

The MDS-2000 is featured with a dual-axis slope sensor (angular range ±60°) as well as three rotary sensors (rotary sensor, PMW and analog signal). Specific electronic components and the rugged, wear-free design ensure precise working and perfect results even under extremely rough conditions including high vibration or shocks.

Operating unit (HMI) and Controller
Display and controller are based on the rugged technology for use in mobile applications. A 5‘‘ display allows the machine operator to clearly view all necessary information. The quick and easy switch between the individual menus or parameters in symbol-based menus provides high functionality. To prevent vibration and dampness the electronics are completely sealed.

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